Why Lacanche ranges?

Why Lacanche ranges?

Our story starts in Lacanche, a small village in Burgundy for it is here that some of the world’s premier kitchen ranges have been designed and handcrafted for more than two centuries. In 1995, an enduring partnership was forged between Art Culinaire and Lacanche and these French gems started gracing many US kitchens.

What is Lacanche moderne Collection?

Contemporary . Clean . Modern Combining French tradition with contemporary charm, The Moderne Collection lends artistry and elegance to a bespoke culinary icon. Lacanche French Ranges offer the highest expression of culinary art to both cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. Your taste. Your Style

How to pre-heat the Lacanche ovens?

For the most efficient pre-heating of the Lacanche ovens, it is recommended to set the thermostat 20 to 30 °C above the desired cooking temperature for at least 10-15 minutes, ensuring a proper and precise level when then placing food in the oven at the desired temperature setting.

What is a customlacanche range?

Lacanche ranges blend design and function, Custom built and meticulously handcrafted to be a superior cooking instrument. Our rangetops are the ultimate tool for the at-home chef. Set the stage for creating great meals for family and friends.

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