Why Lala marina at Le Caudan?

Why Lala marina at Le Caudan?

La Marina at Le Caudan Waterfront, better known as ‘Bassin des Chaloupes’, is situated in a privileged harbouring location and offers ideal mooring conditions for Mauritian as well as foreign yachts and pleasure crafts.

Where is the Caudan information kiosk in Le Pavillon?

The Caudan Information Kiosk is located in Le Pavillon entrance hall. Two charming ladies will answer your questions with a smile. In addition to that, there are other facilities available at the counter:

Why choose Caudan security for your event?

During popular events, Caudan Security deploys a team devised according to the importance of the crowd. Caudan Security offers a 24-hour service, operating on shifts of 8 hours and on a prevention-based approach. Security watch is managed through control rooms under the supervision of a fully experienced controller.

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