Why partner with xinnix?

Why partner with xinnix?

When you partner with XINNIX, you empower your leaders and loan officers by fostering a unified sales culture that will directly impact the bottom line. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of sales and leadership development programs, providing immediate and measurable results.

What is the xinnix system?

The XINNIX System TM is a proven sales, operations and leadership development platform combining Training, Accountability, and Coaching that drives and sustains production results. Our methodology changes companies and changes lives by engaging, equipping and empowering individuals to ascend to new levels of achievement.

What is the xinnix originator program?

The ORIGINATOR program provides foundational mortgage knowledge and world-class sales skills training – everything a new loan officer needs to launch their mortgage career. In fact, XINNIX Certified Originators average 4 loan applications during their first month of business. Upon completion of the ORIGINATOR program, a new loan officer will:

Why hire a xinnix loan officer?

Experienced Loan Officers achieve a 100% to 300% increase in production as a result of engaging XINNIX. New Loan Officers average an amazing 4.6 applications in their first month in the field with XINNIX. The Call Center Conundrum: Hiring Skilled Loan Officers to Meet Demand FAST!

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