Why Soul hounds?

Why Soul hounds?

So why Soul Hounds? It is pretty clear that in Lineage every class has an anti class (assume that both players can play well in their classes), Soul Hounds however got, okey not none but very few anti-classes.

Can you play soul hounds as only one class?

You do NOT play that class as only one – for example use only mage skills (this is such a waste of skills), just the opposite, you use different skills in different situations. Soul Hounds, and not only them but all the kamael characters are quite flexible, what i mean is that you need a bit of brain to use them.

Can soul hounds still use checkmate?

Once silenced Soul Hounds cannot use their magic skills – Soul Cleance (to remove their debuffs), Death Mark, so if Death Mark cannot be used they cannot use Checkmate as well, all magic skills are useless, so what they are left with is… SHining Edge and Tripple Thrust. 5.

Is there a way to 100% win against soul Hound?

Well high elemental dmg (from mages) is an option but still it is not a 100 % win. Anchor (Necromancers), yes but still not 100 % win, because Soul Hounds have lightning barrier as well and 12k hp and high m.def so its definately not 100 % win. What is the only thing that can actualy bring you 100 % win against Soul Hound is… silence.

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