women and film, more than a competition…your challenge

femmes et cinéma, plus qu’un concours…votre défi

Women and cinema

This week I’m going to have a little break on the lives of the shoot on which I am now to speak ofa contest of scenarios. This is not in my habit to promote this kind of appeal to scenarios but today it’s a little different…

Why ? Simply because one of the producers who starts this contest is none other than the producer of the film, which I speak to you for several weeks. If one thing is certain is that Stephanie Douet, the producer, is a woman…

… passion for her profession, for the stories and the filmmakers (directors) who wear them. I could not make the impasse on this competition, which has the merit of being at once engaged and promised to a beautiful future in film, not to mention that Stephenie is a producer as we would like to see more. I want to thank Mercy for giving me the elements necessary to the writing of this article ;o)

Women and cinema

With the help of another producer by the name of Sandrine Pillon (les fées productions) Stephanie has created the association for Women&Cinema, the purpose of the association is to enhance the status and image of women through different fields such as film or television etc…All this is party of the signature of the October 10, 2013, Aurélie Filippetti, Culture Minister, and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister of women’s Rights, signed the charter of the “second look” for equality of women and men in the cinema. Stephanie and Sandrine have therefore signed it.

I leave you to read here why and how and what Stephanie and Sandrine defend ;o)

But back to this contest. Be aware that it is open to amateurs as to the writers confirmed. I know that all of the scenarios that will be sent will be read !! Provided of course that they correspond to what is expected of a scenario, that is to say, a note of intention and continuity of dialogue, all presented as it should be !!


Women and the cinema and the competition of women active

Let’s talk about the contest Active Women launched by the association of Women and the Cinema :

I want to reassure you gentlemen, this contest is not just for women, so you have all your chances. But attention, this contest is there for to give a vision of a more just and more innovative women in the workplace !

The other important thing, it is necessary that your scenario does not exceed more than 15 minutes ! This means that you must not exceed the 15 pages of continuity conversed. ATTENTION, it is necessary that the scenario is feasible ! It simply means that the film must not contain too many sceneries, too many actors, too many waterfalls, and include explosions LOL, it should be basically that the film is feasible in a few days.

All the scenarios will be submitted to a reading committee , where they will be evaluated by a committee of professionals (which I am not part ! Not worth it to send me mails to ask me for news of your scenario ;o) ). This committee will select the scenarios according to their quality, their form, their originality and their feasibility and, of course, of the charter, that is to say, to give :

  • a better representation of women in the workplace

  • 15 minutes Maximum (15 pages)
  • Fiction (not documentary !)
  • Contemporary
  • Comedy or drama-comedy
  • Stop the stereotypes, the women are the heroines, it is the most important !

All these criteria must be met !

There will be 6 winners ! Yes you read that correctly, there are 6 first prize !! You must be 18 years or older to participate and be of French nationality. A screenwriter can only submit one proposal.

Women and the cinema ok ! And is there anything to win ?

Well, yes, that said contest, said prizes!!! And there Stephanie and Sandrine have set the bar quite high ;o)

6 writers who will be selected will sign a contract as a meeting of copyright with the production of Stephanie and Sandrine, for an amount equivalent to 2 500 euros !

And then the scenarios will be made by 6 filmmakers renowned : Zabou Breitman, Carine Tardieu, Sophie Fillières, Baya Kasmi, Virginie Despentes, Lola Doillon.

All short films will be presented in a time in the form of a 90-minute (6X15 minutes). For the moment, the distribution is not known…May be broadcast on a large chain….


The winners will be known in MARCH 2015, but be careful, you only have until 31 December 2014 to send in your scenarios.

I remind you that you need to download this form and add the script in size 12 Times new roman and double-sided, a notice of intent and a presentation of the author.


You will need to send all this by mail : [email protected]

But also by mail in two copies to :

Women and Cinema 10, rue des Cornflower 75011 Paris


If you want to read the terms and conditions admission it is here

Well, I hope that you are inspired and that many of you will participate. One more important thing, the registration to the contest is completely free ! It is also rare enough to be stressed ;o)


If you are a member of scenario+ and you want to try your luck, I will help you with this project ;o)


That’s it for this article on the contest Women and cinema, the contest

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