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You need to know to do his mea culpa :o) I’m sorry to have left this issue aside as long. It is possible to write a film script without this step…If, and only if you don’t want to succeed ;o)

You were several to ask me for tips, as well as an article on what is a séquencier and how to write it.

If you are wondering how to write your séquencier is that you have passed the first two steps :

– the synopsis

– the treatment

To move to the stage of the séquencier you should have written : the synopsis and the treatment.

Resume : You got to tell your whole story in 15 or 20 pages. Your structure is strong, just like your characters. Now it is time to move on to the higher speed, you start writing your scenario, at least the part that is going to get closer to the final presentation.

I would like all the same, before starting, to give the truth in order. The séquencier does not come after writing continuity dialogue ! This is the stage of work that comes between the treatment and the continuity of dialogue.

The séquencier prepares the continuity conversed. Those who do the opposite have not understood anything.

Also, when you pick up a contract to write a screenplay for a production company, this is a step that is often part of the contract. You are paid in 3 times :

– Treatment

– Séquencier

– Continuity dialogue

The séquencier that is what it is ?

It is very simple, the treatment is the spinal cord of your scenario and the séquencier it is his skeleton. The marrow is here to tell us what the scenario tells, while the séquencier tells us how the story will be told.

The séquencier it is therefore the concatenation of the sequences that compose your scenario in the form ofa summary.

Here’s the extract of a treatment. For you to understand the history and issues, you should know that : MAURICE and GEORGES are two thieves/ robbers who are trying to climb a big shot. Unfortunately a former cell-mate of George requires them to take his nephew (Said) with them. Of course, Said knows nothing of the codes and in the middle of the banditry, to share what he has seen on TV or in the movies.

The following excerpt is the moment when the two friends go looking for the young person in his city.


The 2cv is parked near a tower HOUSING estate, George is sitting on the passenger side.

Maurice comes out of the phone booth on the sidewalk in front and takes the steering wheel. He just called Said needs to happen from one minute to the other.

In the park of the city of young people are gathered around a bench. Said is in withdrawal. He puts his cell phone in his pocket, his buddy Momo warns and asks him to be careful and then Said through the park.

Since the 2cv Georges and Maurice saw Said that has just appeared on the sidewalk in front of it. Maurice is laughed at by his way of walking. When he walks, Said balance arm and seems to be on springs. Saïd wishes to go through, but Rudy stops him and bar the road. An early fight breaks out, and Said not the top.

Maurice is laughing Said. For a large drive, it does not enforce it.

A scooter close to the 2Cv and lack of break on the outside rear view mirror. The young the scooter is stopped by a police car at the end of the street.

George straightens in his seat as the brawl Said, and Rudy could attract the attention of the police on them. Georges decides to intervene. He leaves the car, comes in and scares Rudy. Saïd and George ride in the 2cv.

That’s it for this extract. Now you’re going to have to turn it in Séquencier…That is to say divide the treatment into scenes. (CF, read the article on the presentation of a scenario, that is a sequence etc..). But also develop what is going on inside of it. This way, you will be able to see if the sequences are linked together correctly and if they have a genuine interest.

I think that the length of the excerpt is enough :o)

How to write a movie script : The séquencier…a little clarification is needed !

One more thing. It is normal that in a short film sequence can be summarized in one or two sentences, but in a tv movie or a feature film, it is a bit difficult. Do you not take the head on the length of the summaries ! The important thing is that each of the sequences is the most clear as possible and conveys perfectly the story, the action, the theme, etc…in short, that they are consistent.

For each sequence you have to ask what it does, why it is there etc…

ATTENTION : In the piece of séquencier which follows you could very well cut the sequences differently, depending on the perspective adopted. This division is purely personal. It is the reflection of the staged storyline that I want. If I asked you to cut the treatment in séquencier you could do a completely different thing :o) this is the magic of the writer :o)

Here’s what could be the séquencier of the example of the above processing.


Sequence 1 : Int – 2cv/ Cité HLM – afternoon

The 2cv is parked at the foot of a tower, HOUSING estate, George is sitting on the passenger side.

Maurice comes in from the phone booth on the sidewalk in front and takes the steering wheel.

Scene 2 : Ext – HOUSING estate – Park – day

Young people are all around a bench, talking and squabbling. Said is in withdrawal. He puts his cell phone in his pocket.

Momo asks him to pay attention to him. Saïd tells him that he has revised in watching dvd gangster, and he plays a scene from ” casino “.

It hi Momo and through the park.

Sequence 3 : Int – 2CV/ HLM – Day

Georges and Maurice, watching the front door of the tower in front of it, but Said

appears at the exit of the park. He walks over to them. They laugh at his way of walking. At each step, Saïd seems to be on springs. While Saïd is about to go through, Rudy, calls him and bar the road.

Sequence 4 : Ext – HOUSING estate– Day

Rudy intends to finish the conversation he started yesterday. Saïd sees that Maurice and Georges keep it. Saïd tries to calm down the game, but Rudy pushes him. Said falls.

Sequence 5 : Int – 2CV/ HOUSING estate – Day

Maurice is laughing once again Said.

A scooter close to the 2Cv and lack of break on the outside rear view mirror. The young the scooter is stopped by a police car at the end of the street.

George straightens in his seat as the brawl between the Lodge and Rudy could attract the attention on them. Georges decides to intervene.

Sequence 6 : Ext – HOUSING estate – Day

George looks in the direction of the police car. A police officer checks the papers of the young at scooter while his colleague is a little behind. The latter looks in the direction of George.

Said, still on the ground, look at Georges approach.

In a sudden burst, Said regrowth Rudy and he shoots a punch in the stomach. Rudy, on impact, folds in two.

Rudy is going to retaliate, but George stops in net. He opens his jacket and reveals his 9mm. Rudy is ice.

Saïd took advantage of the situation to add a layer with Rudy who does not request his remains and fled.

Georges takes Said up to the car. At the end of the street, the police car is moving away.

One last thing on the séquencier and TimeLine

As you can see, I’ve added elements, in the séquencier, who are not in treatment. All of the ideas that I have and that will be used to understand the scenes need to be put in the séquencier.

Don’t forget that the séquencier it is a working tool that will allow you to : write more easily your continuity conversed, to verify that the sequences and the skeleton of your story work.

You have been several to tell me that the time line of the journey of the hero was difficult to put in place. But little of you goes through the processing stage, which, I remind you, is the spinal cord of your scenario. What could be more normal than not to succeed to put it into practice if you don’t do all the steps :o)

If you want to have a little more visibility, put it on a wall. I was talking about in an older article that this was not awesome to have a wall full of post-it, but nothing prevents you to do once you know your structure. It may be easier for you to drag the sequences, to move them from place, etc…;o)

In addition, once you are going to do your séquencier you will be able to more easily drag your clips on a freshly created inside and have a global vision. If for you it is more simple to do it, go for it ! But don’t forget to make a on your computer to work on it whenever you want and wherever you want.

That’s it for this article on : the séquencier that was sorely lacking. I repeat it often, but writing a screenplay takes time, both from the point of view of scripture but also of all the steps that it should follow. Do not neglect any of them. I hope that you are enlightened, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to post them at the bottom of this article.


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