Write a screenplay : 7 rookie mistakes to avoid

Écrire un scénario de film : 7 erreurs de débutant à éviter

Do you want to write a film script, which takes the road and may even hit ? And before that I already offers you a small summary of newbie mistakes to avoid. These are not the only ones, but they are frequent enough in writers for beginners. To note that course, one must not consider all of his mistakes and the tips that follow as rules to be avoided, there are always exceptions (especially in art).

Write a film scenario, which was the 1st rookie mistake to avoid:

Throw in the writing without having planned the basic elements of

Do you want to write a good film script ? Begin by avoiding a common mistake of the beginner, that does not plan its basic elements :

  • The idea behind the scenario ;
  • His thesis: the central message you want to deliver ;
  • The type of film that will be the result of your scenario : a fiction feature film, fiction short film, a video clip, a news report, documentary, etc ?
  • The main genre that will own the movie : comedy, thriller, drama, etc
  • The thematic primary and secondary ;
  • The main character, the secondary characters : where they come from, where they go…
  • The end of your story.
  • Etc.

If you are ever taken to a soaring creative of an idea story then agree do not brake and allow your creativity to flow freely ;

But very soon it will be time to start planning the basic elements of your scenario, then let your creativity express itself in this framework.

Otherwise you will only succeed in creating a story without a tail, or head, or filled with numerous inconsistencies.

Write a screenplay, 2nd rookie mistake to avoid:

Want to create its own narrative structure so that there is a lack of experience

If you want to write a film script, which takes the road, you need to avoid at all costs to create your own narrative structure so that you miss to experience.

Indeed, it is young writers who want to create narrative structures from existing ones. They take these, and then seek to add or to delete some items. Don’t do the same, not as long as you have not acquired enough experience in writing scripts that work !

Keep things simple and follow the famous narrative structure Exposition, development, dénouement ” with all that goes with it: a trigger, node dramatic secondary, climax, etc, Inspire you of theorists such as Vogler or Mckee.

Write a film scenario, 3rd rookie mistake to avoid:

Create characters perfect

If you want to write a film script, which takes the road, reduce to nil your desire to create characters perfect: a protagonist without any default, an antagonist without any quality, in short, characters who have nothing human.

Take any successful film: you will realize that the characters – even if they come from other planets – are always burdened with defects and qualities, well, human.

It is thus that it allows the viewer to identify themselves more or less easily to the characters, to want to follow them throughout the story and discover what they become, how they handle it, etc

Write a movie script 4th rookie mistake to avoid:

Create characters that serve no purpose in the story

If you want to write a script of movie, avoid it at all costs create characters unnecessary for your story.

It is true: when we are immersed in the writing of the scenario, of the dialogues, it is not uncommon that the brain is suggested to involve this or that new character in the story. Because it is in full creative mode.

But it should always, after the fact, wonder if this new character is really going to be useful to the story. Never forget that a new character that would not be developed enough, and will give the better impression to be arrived like a hair on the soup, and at worst, that would disenfranchise the viewer does not know enough.

Anyway, if you have taken the time to think about your characters before you throw yourself headlong into writing your scenario, you will tend not to create many others during the said writing.

Write a movie script, 5th rookie mistake to avoid:

Do not insert conflicts

Write a screenplay without conflict, that is to write a script, which is of no interest to anyone. It is a little like a pizza without cheese, it is of little use, and it is not super good (there are exceptions everywhere of course).

People go to the cinema for the pleasure of witnessing the conflict between the different characters. It spices up their life, raises their adrenaline. Aristotle called it Catharsis.

If your scenario is without conflict the film will be bland.

An error similar to that of a scenario without conflicts, this is the one that is to create a scenario in which the conflicts are not serious enough, serious enough (again, for what is the severity of the conflict, there are exceptions). Create conflicts that lead the reader/viewer to be shocked, horrified, amused, pissed off and at least curious. It is this that will give him the desire to read your script, and watch your movie.

Write a movie script, 6th rookie mistake to avoid:

Not to up the stakes in the climax

Write a film script, without raising the stakes in the climax, it is killing the desire to see the end. The climax is the moment where the dramatic intensity is at its peak. It is still necessary to train properly in the build.

A climax that does not mount a strong adrenaline rush, it is often a climax where the antagonist does not overwhelm the heroes, or is not, at least in its height or then, it is a climax where the antagonist, the lower that the hero is not helped by critical situations for the persons who are seeking – just as much as the antagonist to destroy said heroes.

A climax powerful will often come from the fact that there is an accumulation of events, resources for the antagonist (already very strong) against the heroes without counting the allies with the antagonist.

In fact, the key is that the viewer is afraid for the hero, fear that he fail, lest he lose the ultimate battle, afraid that he might kill him, lest he lose the be that is expensive, etc

If the viewer does not fear that the hero would lose, you have here the sign of a climax missed, most of the time.

Write a movie script 7th rookie mistake to avoid:

Refuse to rework his scenario

If you want to write a good movie script, you will need to demonstrate humility. The writers of the more experienced would be willing to do it, why not you ?

It is important to take notice and, especially, to accept.

And if a specialist suggests you rewrite your script, change some aspects, take the time and trouble to do so.

Let’s be honest : it is quite rare for a writer beginning to write a masterpiece from its first scenario. This is not necessarily due to its capabilities, but the fact that a successful scenario is similar to a big puzzle with numerous pieces of which it is necessary to master each aspect. It takes time and practice.

So, here are the 7 mistakes to avoid in order to write a film script, which takes the road. But they are not exhaustive. Here are others : 10 small awkwardnesses of scenario to avoid.

Have you ever written screenplays that have made it fly ? If yes, thank you for sharing your experience with us in the comments below !

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