[critical] The X-Files – Regeneration

In the middle of the night, an employee of the FBI is removed, it… Guided by a former priest pedophile with strange visions, agents Whitney and Drummy investigate. Very soon, their investigation leads to an impasse : the clues are slim and time is of the essence. The government agency then decides to redo the […]


Ct his year, the editors leave the rooms of post production in which they flourish and take matters in hand. Not enough to give body to the story of another, they then change hats to tell their own story, and direct during the shooting, before returning to their positions of choice. A trend is not […]

[critical] Thirst – This Is My Blood

Sang-hyun is a young priest, Korean, loved and respected. Against the advice of his superiors, he volunteered to test in Africa of an experimental vaccine against a new deadly virus. Like other guinea pigs, it succumbs to the disease, but a blood transfusion of unknown origin brings him back to life. Back in Korea, he […]


As explained by our editor Tom Johnson in his critique of the film, seen on the occasion of the Washington, D. C. Film Festival, THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY, a form of obvious tribute to the cinema. This is achieved by the short films made by two college students Greg and Earl to pass […]

[critical] This Must Be The Place

Cheyenne is a former rock star. 50 years ago, it has retained a gothic looks, and lives on his pension in Dublin. The death of his father, with which he had cut the bridges, back to New York. He decides to continue across America, the vengeance that had haunted his father. Author’s Note [rating:4/10] • […]

[critical] Thor

The kingdom of Asgard, Thor is a warrior as powerful as arrogant and whose reckless acts trigger a war ancestral. Banned and sent to Earth by his father Odin, he is condemned to live among the humans. But when the evil forces of his kingdom are about to be let loose on the Earth, Thor […]

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