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Under The Sun 2 and Dolmen 2 ?

Friends of the great and good French series , Under The Sun, and the no-less-énormissime Dolmen (it is not credible ?), keep in mind that a spin-off of the series and a sequel to the saga are in talks… In fact, according to what said Pascal Breton, the boss of the production company Marathon, it […]

Southland Tales : Born under a bad star

“It’s about a weekend of 4 of July when everything starts to spin for good… “ says Richard Kelly, the director of Southland Tales… Southland Tales, in competition at the Cannes film Festival 2006, was screened in avant-première, on may 21, 2006. Distributed by the company Sony, the latter requested the director to review the […]

Spike Lee is Kobe Bryant

The next film from Spike Lee will be in fact a documentary. It will be for the developer to follow the star of the basketball-US – Kobe Bryant for an entire day. The docu will be proposed at the Tribeca Film Festival before being broadcast next may on the sports network ESPN.

Splice : Extract (VO/HD)

Here is a first clip of Splice… The pitch : Two young scientists become famous for having fused the DNA of different animals to create fantasy creatures. They end up ignoring the limits of legal and ethical implications of their experiments by adding the DNA of a human. Splice was directed by Vincenzo Natali (I. […]

Stan Helsing : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VO/HD)

Here is the trailer for Stan Helsing… The pitch : During Halloween night, Stan Helsing, an employee of a video-club, must save his village from the attack of six of the biggest monsters in the history of cinema. Stan Helsing was directed by Bo Zenga (executive producer of Scary Movie) with Steve Howey, Diora Baird, […]

Stargate Universe : A new trailer

Many were waiting for it, here it is… In fact, a lot of fans were expecting this new franchise Stargate, which will be on the american tv – via Sci-Fi – in the fall of 2009, more precisely in October. Stargate Universe is a series derived from Stargate SG-1, and is the third franchise of […]

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