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[critical] A World Without Women

A small seaside resort on the Picardy Coast, last week of August. Handing them the keys to a rented apartment, Sylvain made the acquaintance of a young mother and her daughter, as gorgeous as the other. The perfect opportunity to get out if only for a few days a solitary life in which women are […]

[critical] a LITTLE, A LOT, BLINDLY

Pirst realization of Clovis Cornillac (Radiostars) that surrounds them to this comedy of Mélanie Bernier (Kids / Assault), Philippe Duquesne and his charming wife Lilou Fogli. Moreover, it is the latter that has had the original idea. The basic idea for this scenario a bit surreal. Judge rather : He is an inventor of puzzles. […]


Whether in literature or cinema, the genre of the polar black is accessibility in order to appeal to a public increasingly wide. The codes of the genre are widely known, and it is today very easy to fall into all the pitfalls of narrative : writing of the characters, place surveys, formalism aesthetics, photographs of […]


A + A is the last film of Claude Lelouch and Lelouch, it is always an event, even though it is dealing constantly with the same subject matter : love ! We have seen in the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême at the end of August in avant-première, in the presence of the director and […]


Hasaah, Rob Cohen… Has the origin of so many of the pillars of contemporary films, among which the first FAST & the FURIOUS, XXX , or even THE MUMMY 3, the man has often alternated series B made with three pieces of twine, which proved to ultimately be the success expected at the box-office, and […]

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