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The Human Bedside : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer of The Man Of the Bedside… The pitch : Cartagena, Colombia. Leo, a former boxer, works in the service of Muriel, a young woman a quadriplegic. Little by little, a story of love passion blossoms between them… The Man’s Bedside was directed by Alain Monne (production director of the Eden Log […]

Lie To Me : broadcast Rights for M6

According to Tv Leisure, Lie To Me, the series psycho-drama with Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction), will be broadcast by the channel M6. The pitch is simple : Dr. Cal Lightman – played by Tim Roth , is a scientist specialising in the detection of deception. Whoever you are, he knows if you say […]

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus : trailer (VOSTFR – HD)

Here is the trailer of The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus… The pitch : With his troupe of travelling theatre, ” the Imaginarium “, Dr. Parnassus offers the public the unique opportunity to enter their universe of imaginations and wonders, by passing through a magical mirror. But Dr. Parnassus hides a terrible secret. A thousand years […]

[critical] LITTLE ODESSA

Me, I have no talent (this is also why I allow myself to criticize). And it is very recognizable. How ? Because the only ideas for any artistic creation (literary than cinematic, or musical) that please me for a first “work” turn around the domain in question. Let me explain. A movie ? I would […]

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