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HEREDITY, the hell of the family – Criticism

The first feature ofAris Aster is an undeniable critical success, which many consider as already worship. Difficult to miss this horror movie succeeded in the ambition promising. When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family, dies, the secrets coming back to make waver the base family. If INHERITANCE manages to touch its target, and we […]

Highlander holds his director and his producer

Summit Entertainment has released the piece, the one that tells us who will be behind the camera and who is behind the wallet… A new franchise of Highlander, it, we knew it may already be. That it was a remake of the Highlander original, directed by Russell Mulcahy, certainly also. What they knew least that […]

Hilary Duff in season 3 of Gossip Girl

And a new recruit in the new season ! The cast of the third season of Gossip Girl is the richer from week to week. We learn today the arrival of the actress and singer Hilary Duff in the series as a recurring role. CAUTION SPOILERS : She will play the role of a… actress, […]

Hollywood : Planet remake

In 2010 the horizon many remakes of films of the 80s. Here is a small overview… According to The Hollywood Reporter, no less than twenty films are in preparation, of which a first output, the one of Fame. In the disorder of the other remakes, one can cite “Footloose”, The Claws Of The Night, Dune, […]

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