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Honeymoons : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VOSTFR/HD)

Here is the trailer of the film Honeymoons… The pitch : In the hope of a better life, two young couples leave their respective countries. Melinda and Nik leave Albania by boat for Italy, in order to live their forbidden love. Vera and Marko, on the other hand, leave Serbia by train to Austria, via […]

Hooker goes to the big screen

Remember this series, it will now have his film also… William Shatner, Adrian Zmed , and the beautiful blonde Heather Locklear. Actors that you saw in the series of the 80’s Hooker. The history of the sergeant Hooker who is imposing order in the streets of Los Angeles, with the assistance of the officer Romano […]

Hotel Woodstock : the Band-announcement

Here is the trailer of Hotel Woodstock… The pitch : 1969. Elliot, interior designer in Greenwich Village, going through a bad patch and needs to return home to her parents, in the north of the State of New York, where he tries to take over the management of their motel run-down. Threatened with seizure, the […]

Hugh Jackman is thirsty… milk !

A little relaxation in this world of brutes… Hugh Jackman, soon to the poster of X-Men Origins : Wolverine, has lent his person to the now famous advertising “Got Milk”, advocating the consumption of dairy products. So, we go look at this beautiful white moustache and we are still waiting patiently for the April 29, […]

Hunted : trailer

Here is the trailer for the Hunted… The pitch : Della Meyers, a mother of a family, lives in a nice suburb with her two children and her abusive husband. While rocking on the evening of Christmas when she is a witness to the murder of a man by a gang of youths. Trapped, Della […]

[critical] ILL MANORS

Kirby, ex dealer, just get out of prison, Ed is a hothead, Michelle, a prostitute under surveillance, and the young Jack, is enmeshed within a local gang. Chris is determined to get revenge and Katya is desperately trying to flee this disorder neighbourhood. Not forgetting Aaron, our protagonist, who’s just trying to be a good […]

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