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Marion Cotillard under the direction of Guillaume Canet

Couple in the city, Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet will meet – again – in a film, directed by… A group of friends living in Paris who travel to Cap Ferret, relationships are formed and are to be settled. This is basically the pitch for this film, The Small Handkerchiefs. The casting, the beautiful machine […]


Consensual and caring, MARY is unable to deviate from the patterns of drama that rot american independent cinema. After having tried, unfortunately, without success, to revive the saga Spider-Man the movie (the two Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield), Marc Webb was almost back to projects less expensive in special effects and more focused on the […]

[critical] MASH

Young surgeons anti-militarist loving alcohol and women find themselves in the midst of the war in Korea at the military hospital in mobile where they sow mayhem. Author’s Note [rating:7/10] • Original title : MASH • Achievement : Robert Altman • Screenplay : Ring Lardner Jr. • Main actors : Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould, Tom […]

And Max Maximonstres : Featurette 2 (VO/HD)

Here is the trailer for Max And The Maximonstres… The pitch : The film tells the story of Max, a boy is sensitive and exuberant, who, feeling misunderstood at home, escapes where the maximonstres. Max lands on an island where he meets mysterious and strange creatures, the emotions, wild and unpredictable actions. The maximonstres are […]

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