Mobile app development has been one of the highly sought skills amongst developers due to its huge returns. People end up paying handsomely to have applications created for them a process which at times take a long time that supposed to because the process would require prototyping and sometimes a lot of time user ascertaining […]

Microblading Pros and Cons

Microblading is an eyebrow tattoo method done manually that creates a very natural looking eyebrow. It’s been called “semi-permanent”, which means it doesn’t heal over time like regular tattoos, but rather, it can or can not stay on for many years, if not decades. There are a number of advantages to this type of tattooing. […]

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Blog

3 seconds. That’s how long an average person will wait for your web-page to load before leaving. 47% of your viewers expect your webpage to load before 2 seconds. 40% of your viewers will leave if your blog doesn’t open by 3 seconds. These facts and numbers have been well researched and established by organizations […]

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