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MY REUM, serial mother – Review

The glamour of her appearance in Poupoupidou or potacherie of his recent brats, Frédéric Quiring seems to have little retained. In her new comedy My Reum, he is a master difficult to his subject and does not exploit the derision of his revenge movie. Before addressing the qualities of the film, it is appropriate to […]

Marion Cotillard invites in Nolan

It announced Marion Cotillard in the next film of Christopher Nolan’s, Inception. After Public Enemies and Nine, this is the charming French-even in a US movie, this is the next Christopher Nolan, Mr The Dark Knight – The Dark Knight, Inception. The actress will be alongside Leonardo Dicaprio, the only confirmed movie for the time. […]


MY LIFE as a CAT operates a premise that is not really original – that of the transformation of a character proud in this animal symbolizing the best the absence of pride. A postulate that can be found in a number of films of Disney animation, Pinocchio to Kuzco through The beauty and the Beast… […]


Memories of Murder spring meeting in a copy 4K. The opportunity to return to a cinema masterpiece, full of despair. Who knows , Bong Joon-Ho in 2004 ? Not a great world. Responsible for a screwball comedy called Barking Dog, it is known by a restricted circle of insiders in the Korean cinema. Moreover, the […]

Memory Of Love : trailer

Here is the trailer for the Memory Of Love… The pitch : Hongzhu, nowadays. A young woman, He Sizhu, and her lover, Chen Mo, are in a car accident. When she wakes up in the hospital where Li Xun, her husband, works as a surgeon, He Sizhu has forgotten everything of the last three years. […]

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