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[critical] Vertigo

Driven by a desire for adventure and the desire to find a group of friends embarks on a via ferrata, a route of climbing in the high mountains. For Chloé, Guillaume, Fred, Karine, and Loïc, the vertigo of the summits and feelings buried will quickly complicate the journey, as they discover with horror that they […]

[critique] Very Bad Trip 2

Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug offer a trip to exotic Thailand to the wedding Stu. After the unforgettable evening of the burial, of her life of a boy in Las Vegas, Stu does not want to leave anything to chance and opted for a brunch lighter, without risk, before the ceremony. But things don’t always […]

[critical] Very Cold Trip

Life is beautiful for Janne, a young thirty-year-old Finnish… He does nothing on his days. His girlfriend Inari can’t take it anymore and sets him an ultimatum : either he finds a tv decoder before dawn – she is claiming since a long time – she leaves. Janne has no choice : he starts out […]

[critical] Violent Cop

A police officer violent is grappling both with its hierarchy and a gang led by the ugly Kiyohiro. Kitano achieves this first film where he only had to hold the first role, by chance. Following the defection of the director in the scene, he agrees to stage “Violent Cop” in the redesign significantly the scenario. […]


VIRTUAL REVOLUTION describes a near-future where all of humanity has always played in persistent worlds. Upsetting totally the social relations and economic, this new deal is based on a fragile balance : the connected receive a salary in the universal allowing them to pay their online subscription to corporations, who in turn pay taxes to […]


A journey on the roads of France between the evocation of memories, film and installation photo of anonymous met, Faces the Villages is a vibrant tribute to the people of France and the creation of art, signed Agnès Varda and JR. This is not its 88 spring that will stop Agnès Varda. Photographer, filmmaker, documentary […]

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