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VIRTUAL REVOLUTION describes a near-future where all of humanity has always played in persistent worlds. Upsetting totally the social relations and economic, this new deal is based on a fragile balance : the connected receive a salary in the universal allowing them to pay their online subscription to corporations, who in turn pay taxes to […]


A journey on the roads of France between the evocation of memories, film and installation photo of anonymous met, Faces the Villages is a vibrant tribute to the people of France and the creation of art, signed Agnès Varda and JR. This is not its 88 spring that will stop Agnès Varda. Photographer, filmmaker, documentary […]


For his latest film, long Live the crisis !, Jean-François Davy offers the viewer a reflection mi-figue mi-raisin on the evils of the crisis in France. LONG LIVE THE CRISIS ! is a film that is unclassifiable. A UFO in the French cinema, and as said, one of the characters, ” a happy mess “. […]


Since August 2015, six scientists from NASA have agreed to be locked up for a year under a dome of only eleven square meters, in order to evaluate the conditions of a trip to Mars. Advice to the claustrophobic therefore, since 400 Days is inspired by little or no understanding of this scientific project, to […]


The first film by a saudi arabian official. As of 2002, only two feature films and a documentary have seen the light of day, but this film remains the first real production of saudi arabia in the cinema. In addition, this is a woman who realizes it and who wrote it. This is not nothing, […]

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