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Woody Allen propels Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet and Juno Temple in the New York of the 50s. With a filmography that grows quickly, it loses a bit of the thread in the work of Woody Allen. Its breakneck pace of nearly a film a year (if not two) sometimes prevents us from asking an overall […]

[critical] Would You Have Sex With an Arab ?

A journey in the night, face-to-face meetings, bars of Tel Aviv to the streets of Jerusalem. It embarks on a flying carpet. In the night, we dance, we laugh, we have fun. The sunrise of the day on the its techno music of a rave party in the open air. And finally, a kiss unheard […]

[critical] Yelling to the Sky

While his family is broken, the existence already unstable Sweetness O’hara, a teenager m├ętis seventeen-year-old, becomes even more difficult on the day when she is targeted by the violent students in her high school. She must now find the best way to defend yourself and take his life in hand, it home, as at school, […]

[critical] YEMA

Yema is a film by Djamila Sahraoui. Presented at the Festival International du Film d’amiens 2012, it tells the story of Djamila Sahraoui, Samir Yahia and Ali Zarif. A small abandoned house, isolated in the countryside of algeria. Ouardia has buried her son Tarik, military may be killed by his own brother Ali, leader of […]


The very active Hong Hang-soo continues its explorations of poetic and fantastic for the feeling of love with this curious YOURSELF AND YOURS, fable tasty that does not have all the answers. The Hong Sang-soo’s new is here ! To strength to offer a movie every year, it would almost be disappointed not to see […]

[critical] Z

Thepitch : A member of parliament progressive is murdered in a mediterranean country. The investigating judge handling the survey highlights, in this crime, the involvement of the army and the police. Any resemblance to actual events, to persons dead or alive is not a matter of chance. She is a volunteer. The message is clear […]

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