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How to find a producer for his film ?

Item highly important when one wants to make a film, whether a short or a feature film, the producer is not necessarily easy to find when you don’t know how to search. The short film has a nice be a smaller project than a feature film – up until then, we must all agree – […]

How to become a film director ?

We know how to become a director, but how do you become a film director ? We try to answer this question ! Young filmmakers there are, but young women directors, much less. In the cutthroat world of broadcasting, which is dominated by men, is there a way for more to women than to men […]

These films that exist in film and theatre

Usually, on this blog, we’re not talking about that movie. And for a change, today we will also talk about the theatre, but always from the point of view of the director ! If there are major differences between these two arts, there are also similarities, which have allowed, and many work to be adapted […]

Challenge 100 unique films in 2017

One of the keys to succeed as a film director is the ability to set challenges, complete projects and do not expect everything to happen without doing anything. I find that this is also very true in the everyday, to a lot of other aspects of our lives. Personally, I set myself regular challenges and […]

#Cannes2018 : review of the week of Festival

I came here for the first time at the Cannes film Festival in 2015, for my blog cinema I had found the experience interesting but I was out exhausted and I did not wish to renew the experience soon. In the meantime, I discovered the film Festival in Edinburgh in 2016 and the Venice […]

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