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Number 9 : Trailer 1

Here’s a first trailer for the animated film Number 9… The pitch : In the near future, Earth has been ravaged by a great war between the men and the powerful machines they had created. Knowing humanity is doomed, a scientist created 9 small creatures, fragile and helpless from a variety of objects picked up […]

I AM getting BETTER, comedy therapy – Review

For its latest comedy, I’M doing BETTER, Jean-Pierre Améris has adapted the eponymous novel by David Foenkinos, and tackles the evil in the dos, evil of the century, as the consequence of poor communication in the world. We love the comedies of director Jean-Pierre Améris for their gentleness and vulnerability which emerges from the male […]

[critical] The Social Network

A night of partying in October 2003, Mark Zuckerberg, a student who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, pirate the computer system of Harvard University to create a website, a database of all the girls in the campus. It shows side by side two pictures, and asks the user to vote for the most […]

[critical] Star Trek Into Darkness

Then he returns to his base, the crew of the Enterprise must make in the face of the terrorist forces of unrelenting within his organization. The enemy has detonated the fleet and everything it represented, plunging our world into chaos… In a world of war, Captain Kirk, animated by revenge, embarks on a real man […]

A movie in LEGO ?

No, you’re not dreaming, a film made entirely in a world of LEGO… Who said that LEGO was has-been ? Certainly not the studios Warner who are going to make a film, it is what it is. We are already wondering what it will look like and hopefully one will have the right to the […]

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