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Analysis of film

What is the’analysis of film ? Is this different from the analysis of film, film theory, or even the filmologie ? Why carries out an analysis of film ? And most importantly, how does one do it ? If you wish to discover the answers to these questions, read on ! Why scan film ? […]

Introduction to tungstènes and hmi

The security is the master word in lighting. When current flows through a body, muscles (flexors/extensors) are activated involuntarily. Two cases are possible : Or we get project, with an additional risk of damage related to the fall ; We are tétanise and the support received increases strongly. In both cases, the ONLY reflex to […]

Inconsistency screenwriter : Episode 1 : The Rock

Here is the first article in a series that will address inconsistencies scriptwriting that foisoinnent in some feature films. THE ROCK is completed in 1996 by MICHAEL BAY. It is his second feature film after BAD BOYS in 1995. The darling of the pub, fanatic, over-cutting, sign an action film impressive cast 4 stars : […]

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