The Villain – Teaser (VF / HD)

Here is the first teaser of the film, The Villain

The pitch : A robber of banks, the Villain, returns after 20-year absence to hide at his mother Maniette. It is naïve and bigoted, it is the hideout perfect. But it discovers on that occasion the true nature of his son and decides to put it into the ” right path “. Ensued a duel, slapstick and unforgiving between mother and son.

The Villain has been directed by Albert Dupontel (Locked Out, The Creator) with Albert Dupontel (Louise-Michel, Two Days to Kill), Catherine Frot (The Last Days Of the World, Crime Is Our Business) and Bouli Lanners (Panic in The Village, Nothing Personal).

National release on November 25, 2009.

The Ugly : Teaser (VF / HD)

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