About us

Hello and welcome to our site which concept is to help understand and learn about the different levels and areas of cinema whether theoretical, practical or even conceptual. This will be an opportunity for us to synthesize the knowledge we have already been able to capitalize. We will share with you the problems that we have encountered, the synthesis of our research on specific topics or areas, our reflections, our readings and our feedback on experiences. I hope that our future exchanges will mutually nourish our motivation and our desire to learn. So we can progress together more effectively.

My name is Romain Boileau, and cinema has been a passion for me for six years now. I first started as a comedian after 3 years at Florent where I was able to do some fiction and some pubs. But it is especially behind the camera that I did and that I would continue (always) to make my weapons. After finishing my 3 years training I continued in this field by working in a rental box of audiovisual equipment and then as a production manager.

I would like to share with you my progress and my reflections as a filmmaker, both technically and artistically as well as on the strange environment that mixes art and industry.

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