[critical] Upside Down

In a universe that is extraordinary, lives a young man. Adam, who tries to make ends meet in a world destroyed by the war. While struggling to move forward in life, he is haunted by the memory of a beautiful young girl from a world of abundance. It is called Eden. In this universe, his world is just above that of Adam – so close that when he looks to the sky, he can see the cities sparkling and flowery fields. But this proximity is misleading, the entrance into his world is strictly prohibited and the gravity of the planet Eden makes any attempt extremely perilous.

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Release Date : May 1, 2013

Directed by Juan Solanas

With Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Timothy Spall, James Kidnie, Nicholas Rose

Film american-argentine

Duration : 1h50min

Original title : Upside Down

Trailer :

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It is rare to see such a movie happen to us from Argentina. When we see Children in a Clandestine or El Campo, we say that in Argentina too, we can put large means on a film. But this movie is not what it seems to be. There is the whole surprise. Upside Down is a film concept. This class as soon as Juan Solanas among the filmmakers authors. This film makes real proposals, whether at the visual level or at the level of story. And even if the film seems like a test, it does not forget the natural charm of its theme.

Love is the biggest topic of the Film. And this is why it is always so exciting. And that there will always be proposals on his narration. In his film, Juan Solanas explains why his characters are like, or even how they came to love. From the first scenes, the film tells us that Adam and Eden love each other. Except that it is turned to Romeo and Juliet. In fact, one lives in the world below, and the other lives in the upper world. Two worlds where communication is prohibited. But that would one not do for love ?

Obviously, they are going to break the rules. The film is based on these rules, since one of the two characters will be injured. The injury will be so severe that it will cause amnesia. The love story is over. It is in the past. But the heart is stronger than reason. And the character who has survived and wants to find his childhood love. From there comes the theme of the film. This theme is rather a question : can we start all over again ? When something is lost, can we recover it ? Regardless of the price and effort than it will cost.

A camera full of lightness and tenderness, a wonderful photography. In a romance atypical in concept, unsuccessful, but charming.

And Juan Solanas will be based on this mark to form his story. This broken love that we’d like to see reborn. This party is for one of the two characters, go for an adventure against the rules to find the love of his life. Even if the small pranks of the romance the broken is inevitable, the relationship between the two characters is proving to be very strong. So strong that Juan Solanas prepares us for a scene, but will be happy to revisit it then. Surprises and twists are waiting for you.

The small problem of this film, it’s a lack of inspiration. Juan Solanas wants to make a movie-concept, but its storyline is too linear. The adventures are often too similar and the story does not advance much. During this time, you will be rather pleased to see the performances of the actors. Jim Sturgess, who imposes a new time. This actor has a charisma and an energy to resell. At his side, a Kirsten Dunst that there was no more need to present. Or even to demonstrate the magnificent talent. The refractory romances atypical will not agree, but it is clear that we may only attach to these characters.

The camera of Juan Solanas, is also there to embellish them. All of these colors constituting one of the most beautiful pictures of 2013. This is the great strong point of the film. When we know the difficulties that the film is known for, it is said that the work done is sublime. The film is very realistic (the human side), and at the same time very rooted in the dreams. This film, along with his photograph and his adventure, is like a dream which one would like never want to leave. A dream in which he is to (re)find the big love.

Even if the outcome of certain plans jumps to the eyes (especially when it comes to showing the world above, where the image is simply reversed), it is clear from this film with a desire of poetry. Of course, we are as if in a dream. Then it is necessary to give a bit of poetry in this film. We will not be able to go as far as to speak of lyricism. It is very far from Terrence Malick. But Juan Solonas, with its realization, wants to the lightness and tenderness. Every camera movement is clean, fluid. Allowing the viewer to be perfectly rooted in the great heart shown by the film.

Finally, Upside Down is a film concept. But the scenario is too linear to really succeed to make real proposals. Despite this non-end, we will remember a story of a love clean and sincere. A film that takes its romance atypical, where one wonders if the back is possible. If starting from scratch, to be as happy as in the past, is possible. Not of melancholy, but a beautiful adventure full of charm. And beauty, thanks to the magnificent photography of the film. Add to this the tenderness and lightness shown by Juan Solanas with his camera. A nice romance fantasy.

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