Among the previews of the Film Festival of Alès, Wanderings, it has been discovered TADMOR, a documentary unprecedented on the prisons in syria, referring to the hell prison of former lebanese detainees. After Massaker, a first film on Sabra and Shatila in 2004, the directors Monika Borgmann and Lokman Slim , and their team have […]


Taxi Sofia immerses us in a Bulgaria where to live is a real test of all times. The radios don’t talk about it. This taxi driver who killed his banker, and then committed suicide. They are in a loop in all taxis of Sofia. The film follows 5 in their night tumultuous and their loops […]

Teen Choice Awards 2009 : Winners

A small tower on the side of the Teen Choice Awards 2009 and its rankings… As a reminder, the Teen Choice Awards is an awards ceremony american annual broadcast on tv. This ceremony recognizes the personalities and works of the worlds of music, television, sport, film, and other, based on their popularity among teenagers, who […]

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