the man with the camera projection to the Strange festival

Man with a movie camera, directed by Dziga Vertov in 1929, is a work of fundamental importance in the history of cinema. particularly avant-garde, it is also a documentary than an experimental film, which has subsequently inspired many filmmakers. It is rather easy today to discover the great classic movies thanks to the Internet, it […]

The Oscars is also shorts

As every year, the Oscars will reward the best films of the year. And like every year, the shorts have the right to their own categories : the Oscar of the best short fiction film, Oscar for best documentary short film and the Oscar for best animated short film. The ceremony will take place on […]

new methods of shooting with a dslr like the 5D Mark II

For several years now, technology has changed the way of making films. Direct from the professional photography – and now lover -, it is digital slr for shooting high definition. Thanks to this technology, the average cost of a film is collapsed and has allowed a great number to shoot professional-quality, at a lower cost. […]

festivals, insurance for artists to succeed ?

When one is an artist and most mainly in the field of film and video, it can be difficult to get to know. The projections for amateur films are still very rare and thereby limit the projection of cinematographic productions. Yet, I speak to regularly, there are contests and festivals which are destined exclusively to […]

The short films in the running for the Césars 2012

After the Oscars, it is the turn of the Caesars 2012 to lift the veil on the different movies that you have selected. Among them, 5 films competing for the prize for best short film. In the lot, I have seen that one, The tuner, selected at the international Festival of Clermont-Ferrand Festival, and the […]

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