close-up at the cinema

Definition There are two types of close-ups. The close size and the close-chest. They have in common to create a certain intimacy with the character, it seems accessible, and even vulnerable. They put forward that said and done a character without too much focus on her game. The objective of the close is to understand, […]

medium shot or plan to walk to the cinema

Definition The medium shot places the action and the characters significantly more than the wide shots. You can find there one or several characters of the head to the feet, as well as various elements of the decor. With this type of plan, the audience will really focus on the characters and their actions. The […]

general Plan the film

Definition The general plan ‘s main purpose is to describe a place, a city, a landscape or a field of battle. It shows all of the decor to create a context around the action. The characters may from time to time be integrated, but they will be very small, such as drowned. The general plan […]

comprehensive Plan the film

Definition The overall plan is very close to the general plan. Two differences quite frequently : It will focus on a place like a street or a place and especially the characters will be sufficiently visible to understand their actions. The context is this time described to a human scale. It therefore fulfils a dual […]

american Plan, the movie

Definition of american plan Before going in detail on the plan itself, let’s talk a little bit of history… Why does one speak to plan “american” ? Simply because these are the americans who are at the origin of this plan, and that has really democratized in the westerns. The filmmakers wanted the gun visible […]

Large plane in the cinema

Definition The big plan is that of the emotions. It fits closely at the faces, and helps to reveal the feelings of the character to the viewer. The lower expression (eyes, mouth etc.) will be apparent and interpreted by the viewer. This may have the effect of promoting the identification or, on the contrary, the […]

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