Papy-Sitter : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VO/HD)

Here is the trailer of Papy-Sitter… The pitch : A man divorced, father of twins for 6 years, and his office colleague and best friend, are completely overwhelmed when they have to take care of the children for two weeks. The two friends decide to take the kids in a summer camp. Barry, the director-zealous […]


Sylvain George plunges us into a Paris in black and white. A Paris revolt, of softness, of silence and joy. Open up the white drops appeared in the splices by an optical effect, of the lights that crackle and resound with pretensions like so many rifle shots. This is what opens the poem experimental PARIS […]

Parking : trailer

Here is the trailer Parking… The pitch : It is the day of mother’s day in Taipei. Chen Mo has made an appointment with his wife to a dinner, with the hope to mend their ties weakened. But, he finds his car blocked by another parked in double file after the purchase of a cake. […]

Parody : Angels & Demons vs Predator

A video spoof with the 2 trailers of the 2 films… It is necessary to know to relax a little bit and the Blog of the Film is especially good to do it. For proof, this ch’tite video that they sent us and that presents a band-promises to be very special : put the trailer […]

Smuggler Of Hope : a Band-Announcement 1

Here’s the first trailer for the film Smuggler Of Hope… The pitch : Mirko is a smuggler for the local mafia. He did cross the Sava river, at the border of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, in the direction of the West. One day, the overcrowded boat capsized and the smugglers of chinese were drowned. Only one […]

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