A THRILL IN THE NIGHT – In theaters the 30/08/2017

The first film directed by Clint Eastwood, appears in cinemas. The opportunity to (re)discover the beginnings of a work in preparation, to complex, ambiguous, and rich. But not only since A SHUDDER IN THE NIGHT is also a prototype of the thriller psychotic that was going to explode on screens in the second half of […]


The re-release in cinemas of VERA CRUZ is a unique opportunity to rediscover a western precursor, the cornerstone of essential gender but also to immerse themselves in the work of a Robert Aldrich too often forgotten ceremonies, which will inspire yet generations of filmmakers… of Sergio Leone to Quentin Tarantino by way of Sam Peckinpah. […]

Ridley Scott turns in a game of Monopoly

This is a strange adaptation by a strange director… “You don’t go through the box starting, you do not touch 20 000 francs”, a French expression that became more famous over the years thanks to a board game, Monopoly. Blow in the profession, that the president ofHasbro, the publisher of the game, Brian Goldner, proudly […]

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