Our Inner Revolution, an ambitious title for a documentary that is not less and the utility of which does not, today more than ever, no doubt.

Its director, Alex Ferrini, part of the quote from the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti : “It is not a sign of good mental health to be well adapted to a sick society “. The chaos outside is reflective of our internal disorder, Alex, his friend Xavier Darbaumont and his brother Roman (Ferrini), have decided to “reset” their vision of existence. Abandoning their habits, and their comfort, the three young men boarded a sailing ship around south America to explore the world with their own eyes. They tell us how this trip and their meetings have changed their views on the existence and allowed them to take back control of their lives.

This initiatory journey might seem normal, or basic, for any person already sensitized to this type of questions, or, on the contrary, naive to those who would persist in denial. However, as of Tomorrow (directed by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion), OUR REVOLUTION is INNER is part of an evolving world that we can no longer ignore. An awareness of effective and growing, a kind of awakening of the new generations who refuse the world and the future are proposed. It reveals a willingness to act, to seek concrete solutions to change the mode of life of individuals, and thereby to change Society as a whole, “the collective supports the individual, and the individual student to the collective“.

Perfect witnesses of their time, these three fellows we set out their analysis of the malfunctions, their causes : education, competition, social norm, fear, etc… They illustrate the consequences by personal texts that we listen to voice-overs, but also by clever skits, very powerful visually, that caricaturent (but not that much) the daily which makes us blind and alienates us. They offer us at the same time to explore the way that others choose to address through the various testimonies (a browser, a leader of a spiritual community, a permaculteur that re-creates real ecosystems, etc.). Finally, through the images brought back from this journey, the filmmaker subtly emphasizes the power and beauty of the nature in which it is essential to reconnect and live in harmony with the world.

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More specifically, their point is to say that the current education system shapes the adults who are ill or are inappropriate for our company to the extent that it is only suitable for a personality type ” Type A “. Only those who correspond to this profile, might as well take advantage of the proposed training and succeed materially in life. Others, on the contrary, would feel on the margins of society, considered as such, academically and professionally, and this would result in failure and lack of self-confidence. Starting from this premise, all the reasoning developed in OUR REVOLUTION INNER seems to come to illustrate a quote from Albert Einstein : “everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its life believing it is stupid “.

Through the example of an alternative school in Chile, which was joined somewhere to the Montessori approach, we can also see clearly the effectiveness of a school system that enables everyone to develop his skills from his sensitivity and of his own personality in order to be able to, eventually, flourish in a group (Society). This type of education, including learning, respect for the other, the encouragement of self-reflection and a critical spirit, self-help, mediation, as well as the familiarization with the nature and the Ecosystem, seems long and difficult to implement on a large scale, but there are already some initiatives (cf soon, the documentary A crazy idea). In the meantime, to compensate for the perverse effects of a system of education is standardized, it is logically the parents take over. It is their responsibility to instill in their children the fundamental values and the open mind that will allow them to achieve their full potential by creating a free will. This thus induces an inequality of chances from the start because, regardless of the social environment, all parents do not have the same time or the same ability to pass these tools on to their children.

It is here however that the documentary takes on its sense, because these young people here, we show that, regardless of the education received, there is always a way to learn to think for themselves and to apprehend the real-as it is, with its endless possibilities, and not as it is presented to us. To do this, the first rule would be to learn to know himself, his desires and in its own functioning, to be able to adopt a mode of life corresponding to ” align “. The different stakeholders tell us that self-knowledge is achieved primarily through the time that gives us to think, to listen to his feelings (through meditation), but also through observation, sharing with others and reading. For example, in a letter that one of the protagonists wrote to his grandmother, he explains in an interesting manner all that the living together (on the boat), he reveals himself, in exactly the same terms as if he had undertaken a psychoanalysis. There are so many ways to get to know but we cannot make the economy to be free and become the “king of his path”.

If the film proves to be more fast-paced and cinematically more interesting in its first part, it remains fascinating and informative in its entirety by the diversity of the topics covered. Simple and effective, through its questions on education, and on the need to live in harmony with nature, he returns us to the urgency of restoring order to our inside to improve the outside, our reality. Another indicator of this trend, the recent feature film Captain Fantastic raised the same questions and results, so extreme and fictionalized, this desire emerging to extract our children from a system that is restrictive and detrimental to the development of the individual in favour of respecting and sharpening more of our physical and intellectual abilities natural.

Stephanie Ayache

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Original title : Our inner revolution

Achievement : Alex Ferrini

Scenario : Elite Zexer

Release Date : January 25, 2017

Duration : 1h15min

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