A producer ? A distributor ? Why do I self-produced !

Un producteur ? Un distributeur ? Pourquoi faire, je m’auto-produits !

Turn, whatever the cost, your movie by avoiding these traps


It was beautiful to say : ” don’t do it “, ” don’t do it like that “, ” Attention “…more often it falls on deaf ears. It is a human. You say ” I’m not like the others, I’ll show them ! “.

So ok, you want to turn at all costs, do not try the boards, make the head burnt and darken…why not, but on one condition : Do it well !

Why am I telling you this ?

We have a head full of ideas is not it ? Sometimes you or I have the impression of lacking time to do everything. Our mind is going at 1000 per hour. The ideas kept flowing and yet there was always this impression, quite frustrating, never to come quickly enough.

We have the impression that we live with this sword of Damocles above the head : “And if my idea, my script, my film was done by someone else faster than me ? “

Every day, or almost, we are relieved to see that the films or series that come out are light years ahead of our project. It is said, at this exact moment : “Whew, I’m the only one to have the idea, and I gained a little bit of time “.

You must be wondering why am I talking about it today ?

1 original idea…really ?!

Tell you one thing. When you have an idea, it is born at the same time the other hand on the planet ! Sorry to tell you but you are not exceptional with this idea ! And this is true for all the fields : write a script, create the next business that will replace Facebook or Google.

Another person with this same idea at the same time.

But back to the question : Why am I talking about it today ? I have been working for years to develop a scenario of science fiction’sur-travel in time. So far, nothing exceptional : back to the future, Looper, the army of the 12 monkeys, Nimitz, Journeyman, or in the heart of the time…are movies or series that deal with this subject.

In short, nothing new under the sun…no…the brilliant idea was (is) the way people travelled in the time and the reason why they were doing it. And not later than the last week BOOM series Travelers comes out on Netflix…with a part of my idea inside.

The world collapses ? I just lost a few years for nothing ?

Of course not. And if you’re in the same situation, at this moment, will you. ! The idea is close, but this is not my scenario. These are not my characters, nor the universe that I want to show.

And then frankly we don’t care, because deep down I never finished or never sent to a producer and even fewer turned.

A few minutes ago I told you that you were not exceptional. You will have understood, I teases you. This is not because I am not exceptional, I have put you all in the same basket, right ?!

Actually this is not your idea that makes you exceptional , but what you do with it.

I told you, an idea is born at the same time at two places on the planet. So why don’t more duplicates ? Simply because the person who had the same idea that you do not know can not be what to do with it ? Perhaps had she not the means of the implement or the capacity to. Maybe she has the capabilities but not the network…or simply she is going to make proof of bad luck , and his project will be put out to pasture…

There are thousands of reasons and parameters that make an idea, a scenario, a film not seen the light of day. There are hundreds and hundreds of very good scenarios that will hang in the productions, distributors or chains. However, they do not find the door to be read, produced and filmed. It is like that and it is necessary to get used to the idea.

Your idea is exceptional if, and only if, you manage to implement it, to make it live.

Then shoot a series at any price or a feature-length film with your “small” means it is a huge and bullshit ! There was no other word for it…except that there are always exceptions : the visitor of the future for a web-series or Dealer Jean-Luc Herbulot, with Dan Bronchinson, for example, shot in 12 days for 165 000 € (I refer you to the section turning section of this article for you to understand that your shooting time must be short). They shot a feature film in 12 days.

I could have, at one time, me to move more and put in work on the project I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I have not done it for so many reasons. The first one, if I have not completed and if it drags out for years in my computer is that basically the project is not so clear that this in my head. There is the procrastination that needs to get involved a little too, and mostly all other projects more successful, the blog, the job, etc…

And then launch into such a project ” all by itself “ mode ” warrior,” I’ve already done, and I shall never do it again. Not only because I prefer to take the time to find the right partners but also have the financial means, technical and human to get there.

But if you had an adventure such as this follow the tips below and avoid these errors.

Make A Budget

This is the first thing to do after you have written your scenario, well before you start looking for money. Often the apprentices filmmakers start by saying : ” how can I put it ? “ before you really know their needs. Why ? Because they know that no matter what will happen they will not have the budget of a real movie…so much to try to have the maximum amount of money…and after they see well.

Only, it can’t happen like this. Because whatever happens, you will never have enough money, even if your budget is one million euros. Knowing your needs will allow you to know immediately if what you are about to do is possible or not. Thus, if the budget is too high, according to your possibilities, of your fundraising, you will be able to see how, in terms of the scenario, tighten things up and make your film possible.

Make a budget it is also include shooting, post-production , but also the dissemination (copies, mailings) and the unexpected.

the money

It is always the sinews of war, and when you autofinancez/produce, money is even more important. The first idea that will come to your mind is to dip into your savings or go see your bank…well…it is a bad idea. Unless the amount you are going to take do not destabilize, or does not put in danger, your family life or your economic life.

Do not make the mistake of going to see the bank, get into debt for a film. This is the best way to bite the dust, to put you in danger and not to finish your movie.

  • You must not use the money that you have aside that’as a last resort. A trick, take the amount you have and divide by two. Make sure to use only this part.
  • Find your LOVE money. That is what it is ? It’s the money of friends, parents, grandparents, Crowdfunding etc…in short of money quite easy and fast to obtain. Above all, money that allows you to split the economic risk.
  • Expect a line of unexpected expenses plus or minus 7% of the total budget.

The scenario

Do not try to be like the big series or big film, then you have € 5000 instead of 5 million. All you will do is be frustrated. We don’t have money will require you to be smart.

Do not attempt to create your own way of writing, your own structure. Do not think that you are smarter than the others on this point and that the quality of your idea will take precedence over the structure of the narrative. Use few characters, few sets. Mutualize the backgrounds and your resources to save time.

I refer you to the articles on the writing of a scenario that can be found on this blog.

The team and the equipment

If you bet money your loved ones and yours, you have to make sure to put all chances on your side. Forget uncle Michel and your buddy to play the lead role of your movie. You can also forget to make them hold the pole or the camera. You don’t have a way, ok, then reduce the team ! Reduce the actors ! But take professionals.

You don’t have a way, no light…ok, don’t turn to night ! Does not plan plans that you can’t do. Care for the details.

Focus your technical resources on the essential : the light, the sound, the team.

You can’t rent a Dolly ? Take a wheelchair. The soil is not right for your dolly ? Buy wallboard to roll your chair and have a fluid motion. You don’t have a stead, rent a glidecam…or find a steadicamer with his gear.

Ditto, don’t buy the hardware, it is ridiculous. You don’t have money ? Then it will have to learn to cry. Cry to be free or almost nothing. Crying in the car hire company, with technicians, suppliers and owners of sets.


And if that doesn’t work…CRY even more.

There was a time when it will eventually pay.

The distribution

I’m not talking about comedians we just talk about it. No, I want to talk about : how you will distribute your film, where is it ? How ? Who is it for ?

Stop thinking that You tube can do it all, you are going to do the Buzz because you are the best, no. You want to make it as ” real “, then start thinking like them. You make a film, it is to be seen and for THIS film to be “a good deal” for your future, your career if you want one. But most of all, it is beloved for its history, for what it releases. It is your ultimate goal, to experience emotions to your viewers. For this it is necessary to predict where you are going to the show and how.

According to the theme and the length of your movie to see where you can distribute your film once it is completed.

Plan a budget for this, we already talked about it above, but I insist.


I’m going to be very short on this point. Preparation is the key word. Turning short-is the second ! Do not go out of these two principles, and everything should go well. Not more than 5 days ! 3 it is the ideal. Your scenario should be turned into more days ? Made shorter. Shooting is more unpredictable, more money, more complicated to negotiate the material. It is more complicated for everything. But above all, it is more complicated to manage and to finish without putting your project at risk.

Once again there is talk of a film having a micro budget , and microphones ways. Shooting a film in 12 days is not given to everyone…find 165 000 euros, not more. If you have all this, then do not exceed 12 days for a long. Paranormal Activity was shot for 15 000 euros in just 7 days ! But there is less of scenery and of actors in the film Dealer.

There are no rules, except : make it short and cheap.

The originality does not come from special effects !

You can’t make a film of 5000 euros and make us believe that everyone (including you) that you will reach the quality of a film of 5 million, I’ve already told you. If you do not have the software or resources to make special effects complicated…forget it ! Attention, know hack three or four things on the after-effects are not going to save you, there’s no more amateur than of the effects which are like the nose in the middle of the figure.

The originality will come from your scenario, ideas and people that you will succeed to unite , but especially for your scenario.

The originality will come of the solutions that you’re going to find to make the best movie possible , according to your possibilities. The old special effects of the film are still working very well, be inventive.

Sometimes the resources are at our fingertips : the sets, props, effects, mechanics etc…But we are not enough or sometimes we are afraid to ask.

Make sure that the lack of money is the driving force for you to shoot up, to shoot your film to the top.

Get off the beaten path and be smart this is the best way for you to get noticed by the profession but especially to make a good movie.

do you cover

Do sign contracts to your team and especially your actors to be sure that none can withdraw and no longer want to play in your movie. Be careful, it is your money or love money, therefore, you are responsible to the people who trust you.

Do sign contracts !

It is the forging of…

If you have not been to film school, or that you have never done filming before, you have gaps, that’s for sure. Even if you have studied hundreds of movies, read dozens of books this will not be enough to be on top during your shoot.

You’re going to make mistakes, but this is why you will be surrounded by a strong team, that vou will listen to !!!!

At the bottom do not be afraid, many learn on the job. Go ahead, ask yourself the right questions, address any problems, plan for the unexpected and give the best of yourself and once again, GO for it !

So much for the tips and the pitfalls to avoid so that you can get there. Still one for the road : Stop the effects of generic with Live type, After or I don’t know what. This is kitsch at best but mostly this is amateurish. Prefer sobriety, as white on a black background, that always works, rather than an explosion, the space or I don’t know what effects with flames etc…SOBRIETY !

So much for the article on : Rotate and auto-generate. I hope that this article will be able to help you find the right path for your project.

I know that you are very verys many, often, to be lost. You should not hesitate to ask me questions here. I would like to be able to have a particular link with you all to allow you d’to be moving faster and more confidently. Especially as most of the time you block for, almost, nothing.

I will tell you very quickly.

Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions or comments below this article.

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