A Small Area Of Turbulence : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer of the film A Small Area Of Turbulence…

The pitch : Jean-Pierre, recently retired, is a hypochondriac… Anne, his wife, is cheating on him with a former office colleague… His daughter Cathie, divorced and mother of a little five year old boy, lives with Philippe, a ” brave ” boy, that Mathieu, the brother homo Cathie, called ” Bac least six “…

When JP discovers a small task on her skin at the level of his right hip, as Kate tells him that she married ” Bac least six “, that he has been dumped because he is reluctant to invite her lover at her sister’s wedding, and JP learns, incidentally, that his wife is cheating, the family balance implodes.

Arguments, settling of scores, insults … JP, Anne, Cathie, Mathieu and Philippe will not be saving anything !

And cross, together, a small zone of turbulence…

A Small Area Of Turbulence was directed by Alfred Lot (The House Of the Dead) with Michel Blanc (The Girl Of the RER, Museum High Museum Bottom), Miou-Miou (The Concert, For A Son) and Melanie Doutey (Nothing Personal, The Ball Of the Actresses).

Date of national release on January 13, 2010 !

A Small Area Of Turbulence : trailer (VF/HD)

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