Albert Dupontel gives his advice to young filmmakers

The more time passes, and more Albert Dupontel devotes time to the realization, rather than to its other activities. Revealed as a comedian, he also has a very nice career as a movie actor. But he also notes with some very good movies that he wrote and directed as Bernie and The ugly. 9-month farm, his latest film, comes out in theaters this Wednesday 16 October. You can already read my review of this very good comedy on my other blog cinema.

For the release of the film, and for that other blog, I had the pleasure of interviewing Albert dupontel. I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions simple : “What advice would you give to a young person who wants to become a film director ?”

Albert Dupontel, to become a film-maker, invites us to “make cinema and not the cinema.” To do this, he advises a course of study the rules to better break them, but also, and especially, to look at a maximum of films, to “see what we like and why we have or we do not like”. By understanding the mechanics of the films that we like, we will be able to create works that correspond to our universe, and not just movies to make it work.

A council that seems to me particularly wise. I also invite you to consult the heading “the words of the filmmakers” to find many tips for other filmmakers on the realization and the film as a whole.

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