Are BC Racing coilovers universal?

Are BC Racing coilovers universal?

BC Racing Coilovers are highly customizable to allow all end-users to purchase the perfect setup for their specific needs. BC Racing understands that each driver and each vehicle have different needs.

How low can you go with BC Racing coilovers?

How low can the coilovers get me? The standard kit will start you off at approximately one inch below stock and you can lower an additional 2-3″. The extreme low starts you off approximately 2″ below stock at maximum height and you can lower an additional 2-3″.

What is the extreme low option on BC coilovers?

Extreme low or Super low kits include a shorter spring and shock combo to allow for a lower overall drop. This will also affect how high the kit can go, so there is a trade off and you should consider this before ordering. We only recommend the Extreme low options for those who are looking to go very low, or stanced.

How many inches do coilovers drop?

In most cases, expect coilovers to lower your vehicle from 0.5″ and go as low as 3.5″. Can I add coilovers but keep my car at stock height? In almost all cases the answer to this is no. By default, even at the highest setting, most coilovers still lower your vehicle by at least half an inch.

Why choose BC racing for coilovers?

BC Racing understands that each driver and each vehicle have different needs. To allow customers to see their projects come to fruition, exactly how they evensong them, BC Racing offers complete customization of all coilover systems.

How do I contact BC Racing customer service?

If you are attempting to receive a status update on your current order or check stock prior to placing a new order, contact our sales team for assistance. (3) Calling us directly: 321-206-6381 Monday-Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm EST. Don’t sleep on this icon piece of the BC Racing Florida Line!

What types of Coilovers can I order?

Each coilover can be ordered with custom spring rates, damper lengths, valving, braided line lengths for double and triple adjustable coilers, camber / caster plates, and proprietary 62 ID Swift Springs.

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