Are Gaerne sg12 worth it?

Are Gaerne sg12 worth it?

Some non-bootie designed boots can hurt the bottom of my feet on a long day, but the SG-12 has enough cushion for my pushin. Yes, the Gaerne is not cheap (at $549.95), but when you’re getting a quality boot that is comfortable and has so far held up very well I will gladly spend the money.

Are Gaerne boots any good?

Featuring quality, protection and simplicity Italian-made Gaerne SG-12 off-road boots justify their price and reputation. Okay, so the good far outweighs the bad, but I still wasn’t looking forward to breaking in a brand-new pair of boots on the 2019 range of Beta enduro bikes.

How much do Gaerne sg12 weigh?

about 4.6 pounds
For those of us who have wrestled with fitting knee braces into boots in the past, this is a godsend. Each Gaerne SG-12 boot weighs about 4.6 pounds, which is right in line with the Alpinestars Tech 10 and the Sidi Crossfire SRS series.

How do you pronounce Gaerne boots?


Are Gaerne’s sg-12 boots any good?

The Gaerne SG-12 is the latest flagship motocross boot in the Gaerne range. If you are shopping for a premium motocross boot, I highly recommend reading this review as these boots are pretty awesome and there’s a lot of value in them.

Are Gaerne boots good for motocross?

Gaerne boots are an Italian made motocross boot and if you have owned Italian products before, you will know that the quality is the best in the world. If you have owned Gaerne boots before then you would have noticed that they last for a very long time. Gaerne are built to be a wider fitting motocross boot and suit riders with wider feet.

What are the different types of Gaerne boots?

Gaerne currently lists seven different motocross/Off-road types of boots on their main website whereas the Gaerne USA website identifies four featured off-road boots: the SG12, SG10 and React motocross boots as well as the GX-1 multi-purpose boots. Left to Right: Gaerne SG12, Gaerne SG10 and Gaerne GX-1 boots.

Does Gaerne make “Wimpy” boots?

Gaerne doesn’t build “wimpy” motocross/off-road footwear, a fact clearly seen and felt in unpacking and lifting each pair from its box. The GX-1 boots (the white boots in the photos) are lighter in weight than either the SG10 (black with white trim) and the top-of-the-line Gaerne SG12 boots (white with red trim).

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