Are JL W3 subs good?

Are JL W3 subs good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent subs! I have had two of these subwoofers in my car for over 5 years now and they are still working with no problems! The sound quality is amazing. I would definitely recommend this subwoofer.

How many watts can a JL W3 handle?

10W3v3-4 10-inch (250 mm) Subwoofer Driver, 4 Ω

Continuous Power Handling (RMS) 500 W
Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS) 150 – 500 W
Nominal Impedance (Znom) 4 Ω

Is kicker better than JL?

The Kicker speakers are less expensive, but the JL speakers sound better. 8″ speakers have more surface area and usually handle more power than 6.5″ speakers. The larger cone area and higher power handling mean that the 8″ speakers play louder and give you more mid-bass response than a 6.5″.

Which is better JL audio or Rockford Fosgate?

Since the JL speakers have silk dome tweeters, they are going to be rich, warm, and balanced and more focused on sound quality. If you want other people to hear your music, go with Rockford. If you just need it to sound good to you, on your boat, JL will probably sound better.

What are the specs of the JL Audio 12w3v3-4?

Login now JL Audio 12W3v3-4 – 2010 Sensitivity: 87.15 dB. RMS Power Range : 75-300 Watts. Peak Power Handling: 600 Watts. Impedance: 4 Ohm. Diameter: 12 Inch

What AMP do I need to run the JL Audio w3v3 subwoofer?

Although the W3v3 Subwoofer can be driven with as little as 150 Watts, for best audio performance it is recommended to run an amplifier capable of between 300 – 500 Watts of continuous power per driver, like the JL Audio XD600/1v2.

What is the best JL Audio subwoofer driver?

Easily the best selling subwoofer driver, next to the W6v3, the JL Audio W3v3 provides phenomenal performance at moderate power levels with superb sound quality. The W3 series is in its 3rd iteration, embodying the series’ pursuit for providing outstanding output and world-class sound quality.

What is a 12w3v3 driver used for?

This powerhouse 12-inch driver delivers potent performance and world-class sound quality in medium power applications. Several exclusive JL Audio technologies and proprietary assembly techniques are applied to the 12W3v3 to enhance linearity and reliability.

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