Are Kirkland household surface wipes antibacterial?

Are Kirkland household surface wipes antibacterial?

Kirkland 3 Jumbo Household Surface Cleans and Disinfects Wipes – Wipes Out 99.9% Germs / Bacteria.

Are Costco surface wipes antibacterial?

Each wipe is formulated with an antibacterial formula to kill 99.9% of bacteria on non-porous surfaces. The Extra Large size (20.8cm x 24.8cm) allows you to use less wipes to clean up the same surface.

Do Costco wipes disinfect?

Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria. 2 – 80-count Fresh Air Scent.

Can you use Kirkland disinfecting wipes on skin?

Disinfecting Wipes are NOT Skin-Friendly Sanitizing and disinfecting wipes are fine to touch while you’re cleaning with them, but they should never be used to clean hands or other body parts.

What is in Kirkland disinfecting wipes?

Kirkland Signature Cleaning Products – California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act

CAS Number (Chemical Abstracts Service Number) Ingredient (Chemical Name)
68989-22-0 Zeolites, NaA
68479-09-4 2-Propenoic acid, telomer with sodiumsulfite (1:1), sodium salt
68131-39-5 Alcohols, C12-15, Ethoxylated
9004-32-4 Cellulose Gum

Are Kirkland baby wipes a disinfectant?

Baby wipes do not kill a significant number of germs because they are meant to be gentle on a baby’s bottom. Household wipes contain disinfecting ingredients like sodium hypochlorite, but baby wipes are water-based and contain no active germ-killing ingredients.

How much are Kirkland disinfecting wipes?

Back in Stock! Costco Members: Kirkland Signature Disinfecting Wipes, Variety Pack, 304-count $17.99 Shipped | Living Rich With Coupons®

Does Costco stock Clorox wipes?

Costco sells these Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for $14.99!

Where are all the Clorox wipes?

Clorox Wipes — Quick links

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Can I use surface wipes on my face?

“These chemicals should not be left on your skin,” Dr. Green says. Definitely don’t use the wipes routinely on your hands or face. And keep them away from kids; their skin is even more delicate and sensitive.

Is Costco getting Clorox wipes?

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