Are PADI and NAUI interchangeable?

Are PADI and NAUI interchangeable?

Both certifications will be recognized globally even though PADI is more widely known around the world. It is also easy to switch between diving agencies when getting certified in a different level. For example; being a PADI Open Water and then choosing to go with NAUI for the Advanced Scuba Diver course.

How long does NAUI online course take?

4 days
Academic. Our NAUI Open Water Diver course takes 4 days total and consists of three main phases: Knowledge Development to understand basic principles of scuba diving. Two Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills in the pool!

Which is better PADI or SSI?

Recommendations in choosing PADI vs SSI To summarize: Both PADI and SSI offer world-class diving training around the world. They both maintain high standards of practice across the globe. SSI is generally cheaper, so if you are looking for a lower price, you can do your SSI Open Water.

Is PADI a good company?

PADI is a fun place to work and travel The work is sometimes rewarding and mostly fun but the pay is no good and the travel costs are more then what you get paid at times. They have high standards and their continuing education is spot on with a lot of programs but they all cost.

What’s better PADI or SSI?

In conclusion, there is very little difference between PADI and SSI. As a recreational diver, the differences are so small that if you aren’t completing a course, you probably won’t notice. Both maintain high standards of training around the world. Both are globally acknowledged as diving qualifications.

How much does it cost to get PADI certified?

The PADI certification courses will cost about $250 to $500, and the training will usually last two to four days. This should include the course and the pool work. If you were to take the book portion, it could be less than $150; however, you would still have to pay for the pool portion.

What are the various Padi certifications?

Open water course. If you’ve ever wanted to discover the wondrous world beneath the waves,this is where it starts.

  • Advanced open water certification.
  • Rescue diver certification.
  • Master scuba diver.
  • Divemaster.
  • Adaptive support diver.
  • Advanced Rebreather Diver.
  • Adventure Diver.
  • Final thoughts.
  • How to become a PADI examiner?

    Consult your physician to make sure you’re healthy enough to take a SCUBA course.

  • Find a facility near you that offers PADI-approved diving courses. (Refer to the PADI website in the external links section of this article to find the closest dive course.)
  • Contact the facility to find out which personal equipment you will need to own.
  • How to prepare for PADI Divemaster course?

    1. Personal Fitness A big part of the divemaster course is ensuring that you have adequate water skills. There are five separate water skills that must be completed.

  • 3. What equipment will you need This is always a big question.
  • 4. Get Those Dives up!
  • 5. And finally have a good attitude!
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