Become a producer of a movie with Emir Kusturica

It is the crisis. The creative sector, including film production, is also severely affected and this in spite of the remarkable work of aid to the financing of the CNC and of the local communities.

Like you, we love the cinema and wish to nevertheless be able to continue to offer the original films, and products made with the greatest possible freedom. But producing a short film is an adventure that has a significant cost especially when it comes to shooting abroad. It is for this reason that we have thought of making appeals to you, because only together, by uniting around our film, we believe that it is possible to achieve a portion of the funds necessary for its realization.

If you are an individual, we invite you to become the smallest producer in the world by subscribing to our project. You will discover in the particular space of the many benefits you will receive depending on the amount of your subscription.

If you are a company, you can participate in the adventure by becoming a partner, that is to say, by investing in our project in return for which you receive benefits that you will discover in the space business.

As well, thanks to you, the shooting of the short film, expected in the spring of 2009 in Serbia, will take place… or not.

Come on, join us now and join in on the adventure of Alice in The Country Enlighten.

Please note : all 1500 euros of subscriptions, our two producers will be a habit !

Help them to dress to withstand the cold… because a shooting in Serbia…

More information on the film’s website :

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