Can CTEK damage battery?

Can CTEK damage battery?

You can connect your CTEK MXS charger to the battery while it is installed in the car. Even the RECOND programme mode, where the max voltage peak is 15.7v (+0.3v higher than non-RECOND programmes), is perfectly safe for most cars. Typically anything under 16 volts shouldn’t cause any problems.

Is CTEK a good brand?

They are not reliable and they are expensive. My friend bought a cheapie from SuperCheap, and it lasted longer and still going strong. I regret buying four and will never own another CTEK. Never.

How often should you use CTEK charger?

once a month
But did you know that regular charging of your car’s battery can prolong its life by two to three times, ultimately saving you money by reducing the frequency of having to buy a new battery. A charger, like the CTEK MXS 5.0 can be used just once a month to keep a car’s battery in good health.

Where are CTEK based?

A proud heritage that drives our future. The CTEK story starts over 30 years ago in Vikmanshyttan, a small village in Dalarna in Sweden. This is where our founder – Swedish inventor Bengt Wahlqvist – created the first ever battery charger to use electronic pulse technology.

What is Ctek recondition mode?

When you select the recond mode on a charger with that feature you will still charge a battery normally through to stage 5 but in stage 6 it will apply a higher voltage to equalize or overcharge the battery to allow a full absorption charge to be performed.

Is the CTEK XS trickle charger still available?

CTEK XS 0.8 12V 800mAh Trickle Charger has been discontinued. See all CTEK Products. See the Best Products in 2021 as rated by Australians on Brand Manager for CTEK?

Do CTEK battery chargers ruin batteries?

I have two ctek chargers and a they do charge well and don’t wreck your battery if you leave them attached all the time. But they don’t maintain the battery like there surposed to. If i don’t unplug and reattach the charger every couple of days the charger shows fully charged but the battery will go flat.

How does CTEK’s eight-step charging work?

Science fans rejoice because CTEK has an eight-step charging programme. This begins by cleaning the battery, before giving it a lighter charge until it’s at about 10 per cent. If the battery can accept the charge, it’ll go ahead and give it everything until it’s about 80 per cent full. Now it tapers off until it’s 99 per cent full.

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