Can Navy officers be EOD?

Can Navy officers be EOD?

Navy EOD Officers lead small teams of EOD technicians in a variety of missions to include: Underwater Mine Countermeasures (UMCM) Diving & Salvage Operations. Conventional EOD Operations.

How long is a Navy EOD officer contract?

The Navy EOD pipeline lasts for almost a year (51 weeks).

Do Navy EOD get stationed on ships?

They may be flown into a region and fast rope or parachute onto a ship for a temporary stay to perform a special operations mission, but the members of the Navy SEAL and Navy EOD units tend to deploy to forward-deployed bases around the world where and when needed.

What do Navy EOD officers do?

United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians render safe all types of ordnance, including improvised, chemical, biological, and nuclear. They perform land and underwater location, identification, render-safe, and recovery (or disposal) of foreign and domestic ordnance.

Are Navy EOD frogmen?

Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal operators are unique in their training and mission. Trained as both operators, and technical experts they are essentially frogmen with advanced diving and parachuting training.

How much does a Navy EOD make?

Navy EOD Technician Salaries

Job Title Salary
US Navy Navy EOD Technician salaries – 7 salaries reported $90,000/yr
US Navy US Navy EOD Officer salaries – 3 salaries reported $88,079/yr
US Navy NAVY EOD LCPO salaries – 1 salaries reported $117,236/yr
US Department of Defense Navy EOD salaries – 1 salaries reported $7,257/mo

Are Frogmen Navy SEALs?

In the U.S. Navy, frogmen were officially phased out in 1983 and all active duty frogmen were transferred to SEAL units.

Can I be a Navy EOD?

Those who wish only to accomplish the minimum, need not apply. Males and females who meet the above requirements are eligible to enlist under the Navy EOD program. No college degree is required to enlist as a Navy EOD Technician, but a bachelor’s degree will be required to consider commissioning as a Navy EOD Officer.

What is Navy EOD team duty?

Duties Performed Perform render safe procedures on any type of ordnance involved in an accident/incident, or an unsafe condition Perform render safe procedures to improvised explosive devices Conduct demolition of hazardous munitions, pyrotechnics, and retrograde explosives using detonation and burning techniques

What is Navy EOD like?

Navy EOD personnel are experts in explosives, diving, parachuting, as well as tactical skills of a combat fighter. The men and women of Navy EOD are capable of rendering safe all type of explosives to include conventional, improvised, underwater, chemical, biological, and nuclear.

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