Can PRTG restart services?

Can PRTG restart services?

You can also restart the PRTG probe service under Setup | System Administration | Administrative Tools in the PRTG web interface. We recommend that you schedule automatic service restarts.

How do I monitor a service in PRTG?

Select the services that you want to monitor. PRTG creates one sensor for each service that you select. Enable check boxes in front of the respective lines to select the items. Use the check box in the table header to select all items or to cancel the selection.

How do I restart my PRTG core server?

You can also restart the PRTG core server service and PRTG probe service under Administrative Tools in the PRTG web interface. Scheduled restart of PRTG services: Restart the PRTG core server service on the PRTG core server system. If you select this option, the PRTG probe service restarts as well.

How do I stop PRTG Network Monitor?

PRTG Manual: Uninstall PRTG Products

  1. From the Windows Start menu, run Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor or open your Windows Control Panel and select the desired entry in the Programs and Features section.
  2. If asked, confirm the question of the Windows User Account Control with Yes to allow the program to uninstall.

How do I manually update my PRTG probe?

If PRTG advises you to manually update your remote probe, open a web browser on the remote computer and download the remote probe installer as described in this section. Execute the setup program that you downloaded. Confirm the Windows User Account Control dialog with Yes to allow the installation.

What is PRTG probe service?

Upon installation, PRTG automatically creates the first probe, namely the local probe in PRTG Network Monitor, and the hosted probe in PRTG Hosted Monitor. They run on the PRTG core server system and monitor all reachable devices, servers, and services from the system, using the sensors you configure.

How do I monitor a Windows service?

Go to Server > Server Monitor > Servers > click on the desired monitor. Go to Services and Processes tab. Click on Discover Services and Processes . This will discover the processes & services running in your Windows server.

Can PRTG monitor Windows services?

PRTG can monitor POP3, SMTP, and IMAP mail server types with special sensors; ensuring that they are reachable and ready to send or receive messages. When running a Windows Exchange server, there are specific sensors available to monitor the size of the different mail queues, the delivery times, latency, users, etc.

How do you reset a PRTG probe?

In the Probe Administrative Tools section, you can either restart all probes (click Go! in section Restart All Probes), or restart a specific probe (click Restart Probe in the corresponding Probe [number] [name] section). The probe Windows service will also restart after updates of the PRTG core server.

How do I reset my Prtgadmin password?

If you cannot remember your PRTG on demand password, click the Change/reset password link. You are then asked to enter your email address. Click Change/reset password again and PRTG will send you an email to reset your password.

How do I stop PRTG auto-discovery?

To stop an auto-discovery, right-click the group or device, and select Pause | For 5 Minutes from the context menu. PRTG pauses monitoring for 5 minutes and stops the auto-discovery tasks.

How do I turn off auto-discovery in PRTG?

How can I turn off auto-discovery?

  1. In the main menu of the PRTG web interface, select Devices | Device List.
  2. Select all of your devices and click the settings symbol.
  3. Under Auto-Discovery Level, select No auto-discovery for all devices simultaneously and click OK to save your settings.

How do I Start/Restart the PRTG service?

Select whether you want PRTG to start or restart the service if it is stopped or paused: Start/Restart service: PRTG tries to start the service if it is not running when the device is scanned. In combination with a change trigger, you can use this mechanism to trigger a notificationwhenever PRTG (re)starts the service.

How to monitor a service in PRTG?

To monitor a service, restart it automatically, and push the current status with HTTP to PRTG, use the script below. The script basically checks if the desired service is available or not. If the service is up, the script will send a report to the PRTG server with the value “1”.

How do I change the location of PRTG configuration data?

Select the directory where PRTG stores configuration and monitoring data. Click to choose a different folder on the system. Before you change the path, make sure you stop both the PRTG core server service and the PRTG probe service and copy all data to the new location. Choose the language for the PRTG Administration Tool on the remote probe.

How often can I restart the PRTG probe service?

Choose how often you want to restart the PRTG probe service or the probe system: Once per week: Select a day and a time below. Once per month (recommended): Select a day of the month and a time below. This setting is only visible if you select a schedule option above. Select a day of the week (Monday to Sunday) or month (1st to 30th or Last).

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