Can we customize Godrej almirah?

Can we customize Godrej almirah?

Design your wardrobe as per your needs. The wardrobe’s main unit includes optional drawer and locker units alongside ample hanging space and is available in widths of 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm. Customize with multiple add on units, an overhead storage unit, and a dresser unit with LED lights.

What is Godrej almirah made of?

Some of them are made with solid wood and some with engineered wood. The metal Godrej almirah is, however, the most famous one and has stood the test of time. These metal almirahs are known for the quality that they serve you.

What is the price for Godrej steel Kreations?

Kreation Godrej Almirah at Rs 75722/set | Noida| ID: 14098186630.

Which almirah is best in India?

The top 10 Best Quality Almirah Brands in India with Price are listed below:

  1. Godrej Interio Almirah. The Godrej brand was established in the year 1879.
  2. USHA Lexus Almirah. It was established in 1983.
  3. Zuari Almirah.
  4. Durain Almirah.
  5. Damro Almirah.
  6. Wipro almirah.
  7. EVOK Almirah.
  8. IKEA Almirah.

What is the size of almirah?

Steel Almirah, Dimensions: 78 x 48 x 22 inch

Size (H*L*B) Inch 78 x 48 x 22 Inch
Material Steel
Brand Keymate
Locker Available Yes
Cabinet/ Wardrobe Lockable Yes

What is the cost of Godrej steel almirah?

Godrej Steel Almirah. Rs 20,797/ Piece. Godrej Steel Almirah Mirror Cost Astra. Rs 16,396/ Piece. Godrej Steel Almirah. Rs 13,987/ Piece. Godrej Steel Almirah. Rs 39,656/ Piece. Godrej Steel Almirah.

Why choose Godrej Interio book racks?

Make a perfect home for all your wandering books, manuals and magazines with Godrej Interio Book Racks. This dignified solution allows for efficient and aesthetically appealing storage of books and reference material. These units are designed for public libraries, educational institutions, financial institutions, insurance companies etc.

What are Godrej Interio storwels?

The Godrej Interio Storwels are space saving units that provides safe and convenient storage of office material at offices, factories, laboratories, colleges, research institutes and the like.

What are the different cupboards in the almirah?

These days we have different cupboards such as book storage, shoe racks, a loft or the living room storage units for various purposes. It’s very likely that you do not intend to store all your belongings in the almirah.

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