Can you change downtube shifters?

Can you change downtube shifters?

Downtube and bar-end shifters cannot match the efficiency of STI shifters and will always be slower because they require the hands to move over a greater distance. Also, STI shifters are indexed. All you have to do is click one time to change gears.

Are downtube shifters indexed?

Downtube shifters are available with indexing, with up to 9 speeds. The tubes of this old Cannondale are far enough apart so one hand can reach both downtube shifters, but operating both at once is difficult because of their wide spacing.

How do downtube shifters work?

Lever or Downtube Shifters The right one shifts the rear derailleur and the left, the front. Pulling the left, or front, lever backwards tightens the cable and pushes the chain up to a bigger front chainring. To shift down, simply push the lever in the opposite direction.

How long do bike gear cables last?

Cables should be replaced when they are worn causing the bike functionality to react to that wear and tear. This is every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. Specific damage to the cables or housing is also cause for replacement.

What is a downtube shifter?

Downtube shifters were the original type of shifter for derailer bikes, and were common through the early 1990s. It really makes a lot more sense to put all rider controls on the handlebars, but the poor performance of older derailers and the friction of older shift cables caused this frame-mounted type to be preferable in the old days.

Can you convert downtube shifters to STI brake-shifters?

Can You Convert Downtube Shifters to STI? It’s possible to convert a bike with downtube shifters to STI brake-shifters, but the needed parts could make the conversion too expensive. A conversion from downtube shifters to brake-shifters will require the following components:

What does a shifter actually do?

If you simplify what a shifter does to its absolute bare bones, it purely creates and releases tension on a cable which pulls a derailleur cage. With friction downtube shifters, you have to know where each gear is in the shift lever’s throw.

Are there any Cannondale’s with downtube shifters?

I have an early 90’s era Cannondale with downtube shifters. They were Suntour friction shifters when I got the bike. I replaced them and the rear derailleur with Shimano indexed shifters. Still work fine, though I don’t use the bike that much these days. It does feel pretty old-school to ride it, though. John-Paul said…

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