Can you get with bastila in Kotor?

Can you get with bastila in Kotor?

Bastila joins your party when Brejik reneges after you win the swoop race on Taris. Speaking to Bastila can unlock the quest for Bastila’s Mother, once the first Star Map has been acquired on Dantooine, and you can receive experience (albeit only 250 XP) for completing this.

Do Revan and bastila get together?

Quiet life. Sometime after the war ended, Revan and Bastila married and settled on Coruscant.

Can you romance anyone in Kotor?

Who Can You Romance In KOTOR? There are nine companions that can be recruited in KOTOR but only three of them can be romanced. Those three companions are Bastila, Carth and Juhani. Unfortunately, the game does not let you romance either Mission or Canderous who at first seem like they could be good romance options.

How do you make bastila fall in love with you?

The only real things to consider when romancing her are:

  1. Make sure when you finish Bastila’s Mother quest on Tatooine, that she ends up on good terms with her mother.
  2. Complete the romance storyline before you obtain your fourth star map piece.

Did Revan and bastila get married?

Following the Jedi Civil War, legendary Jedi Knights Revan and Bastila Shan were married. The wedding was only approved by the Jedi Council on the condition that Revan agreed not to spread his new-found philosophy of love, which they viewed as heresy, to the rest of the Order.

Is bastila romance canon?

LS/Male Bastila romance was canon for the first game, LS/Female is canon for the second. There’s not really much more than that that was ever formalized, at least in the context of the games themselves.

Can you romance Juhani as a male?

Although Juhani’s romance subplot is intended for only female player characters, some players of the initial release reported that the romance subplot seemed to be available to their male player characters.

How do you fight Bastila in Knights of the Old Republic?

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, on the summit of the Temple of the Ancients at the Unknown World, you will be confronted by Bastila, who has fallen to the dark side. During the confrontation you will be provided the opportunity to determine which ending you will get, and there will be consequences of your choice there.

Could a Knights of the Old Republic remake improve the original?

A KOTOR remake is rumored to be in development by Aspyr Media. Here’s how a rerelease of the beloved Star Wars RPG can vastly improve the original. A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake could be underway 18 years after the beloved RPGs release.

What would a Kotor remake mean for the franchise?

A remake could mean vastly improved graphics, deeper dialogue mechanics, and hopefully substantial improvements to KOTOR ‘s limited romance options. One of the title’s central mechanics is its alignment meter, which lets gamers choose to turn KOTOR ‘s protagonist Revan into an honorable Light Side Jedi or a ruthless Dark Side Sith.

How do I get Bastila back to the light side?

If you choose the light side ending by rejecting Bastila’s suggestion for you to reclaim the title of the Dark Lord of the Sith, you will face the fallen Bastila again in the Star Forge. Depending on your dialogue choices, you will either successfully convince Bastila to return to the light side, or you kill her if you fail to do so.

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