Can you use Cookidoo with TM31?

Can you use Cookidoo with TM31?

Recipes at Cookidoo® can be enjoyed by TM31, TM5 and TM6 owners alike.

What are the different Thermomix models?

The chronology of Thermomix models is as follows:

  • Thermomix VKM5 (1961)
  • Thermomix VM 10 (decade of 1960s)
  • Thermomix VM 2000 (1971)
  • Thermomix VM 2200 (1977)
  • Thermomix TM 3000 (1980)
  • Thermomix TM 3300 (1982)
  • Thermomix TM 21 (1996)
  • Thermomix TM 31 (2004)

How big is the TM31 Bowl?

2 litres 5
The mixing bowl has a maximum capacity of 2 litres 5 .

What temp is Varoma on tm31?

VAROMA temperature on your Thermomix is 114°C. If you want to steam anything you MUST use the Varoma temp and did you know that 114° is the lowest effective temperature to steam your food without destroying all the nutrients??

What happens during a Thermomix TM31 demonstration?

During a Thermomix TM31 demonstration, you experienced and tested with your five senses the benefits of your new Thermomix. An experienced Thermomix advisor helped you optimize the usage of all possible functions to your individual needs. Now you are ready to start taking advantage of your own Thermomix.

What is the Thermomix TM31 spatula?

The spatula 1is another example of the intelligent design of the Thermomix. • The Thermomix TM31 spatula is the only instrument you may use to mix or stir the ingredients in the mixing bowl 2. Push it from above into the bowl through the opening in the lid. The safety disk ensures that the spatula is not caught by the mixing knife.

What is the simmering Basket for the Thermomix TM31 made of?

The simmering basket for the Thermomix TM31 is made of high-quality plastic. Like the measuring cup, the basket is a multi-purpose item: • Filtering of fruit and vegetable juices. Chop and make a puree in the Thermomix TM31, then insert the simmering basket into the mixing bowl and use it as a filter when pouring the juice out.

Can I use the varoma with my Thermomix TM31?

Your Varoma is an accessory designed for the Thermomix TM31 and can only be used with the TM31. Before you can start steam cooking with the Varoma you will need to set up your Thermomix TM31 correctly. Step 1:Set up Thermomix TM31.

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