Can you use the Bass Station as a MIDI controller?

Can you use the Bass Station as a MIDI controller?

Overall, the Novation Bass Station 2 is not only an analog mono-synth but fully class-compliant MIDI controller. Even enabling you to connect an external instrument and run it through the analog filters and effects of the Bass Station 2.

How do I activate my bass station?

fnlf” to the computer you wish to activate. In your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), open any of the ‘B-Station’ plugins. Click the ‘Install License’ button then locate and open the license file on your computer. You need only complete this activation procedure once to enable full functionality of your software.

Is the Novation Bass Station II just a simple bass- and groove-box?

But the Bass Station II is not just a simple bass- and groove-box. Not any longer, in any case. The first Novation Bass Station anno 1993 was admittedly a classic (indeed first-class) bassline clone, but its successor has mutated into a full-blown analog synthesizer.

What can I connect my Bass Station II to?

Connect to Just About Anything Bass Station II is fully class compliant, so you can plug into anything via USB and start playing. It also has MIDI I/O on 5 pin din ports, so you can connect your other MIDI gear. You can even connect an external instrument and run it through Bass Station II’s analogue filter and effects.

How many patches are there in Bass Station II?

We loaded Bass Station II with 64 diverse patches that showcase its huge sonic variation. We also left 64 slots free, so you can easily save and load your own patches on the unit, or in the free librarian software. Unique filter section, great presets, fantastic sub oscillator, tons of modulation options, great price.

What’s new in the Bass Station II firmware update?

The latest firmware update for Bass Station II adds five powerful and innovative new features to Novation’s hugely popular monosynth, all of them developed in response to user feedback and requests, one of those users being particularly noteworthy…

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