Cannes film Festival 2012 : a little place for the short films

While most film fans eagerly await the unveiling of the feature films in competition to win the Palme d’or from the 65th Cannes film festival, more surprises.

In addition to the competitions parallel as “A certain regard”, Cannes film festival, also offers, at each festival, a competition of short films. The lucky ones come to be revealed :

Mi Santa Mirada by Alvaro Aponte-Centeno (Puerto Rico)

Gasp (Breath) by Eicke Bettinga (Germany)

This path before me Mohamed Bourokba (dit Hamé) (France)

Falastein, Sandouk Al Intezar Lil Burtuqal (Waiting for P. O Box), Bassam Chekhes (Syria)

The chair by Grainger David (Usa)

Night Shift Zia Mandivwalla (New Zealand)

The pack leader by Chloé Robichaud (Canada)

Yardbird by Michael Spiccia (Australia)

Cockhaigne of Emilie Verhamme (Belgium)

Sessiz-Be Deng (Silent) by L. Rezan Yesilbas (Turkey)

Last year, this is the movie “Cross Country”, director Ukrainian Maryna Vroda, who had won the Palme d’or-short film.

The directors do not have the honors of the official competition will still be able to turn to the Short Film Corner, a professional area dedicated to the promotion of the short film !

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