CHARADE – see on Arte on the 11/06/17

Sunday, an evening of tribute to Cary Grant on Arte with the release of Charade by Stanley Donen follow-up to the documentary , “Becoming Cary Grant.

Tomorrow night, Arte pays tribute to Cary Grant with the release of the delightful crime comedy from Stanley Donen, Charade, followed by the very good documentary by Mark Kidel , BECOMING CARY GRANTto be screened at Cannes Classics two weeks ago. For the uneducated, here is the story of CHARADE : Regina Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) spends his holidays in Megeve with his sister and his nephew, determined to divorce her husband. There, she meets Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) and falls under her spell. On his return to Paris, she finds her apartment completely empty and learns that her husband has been murdered. According to the police, he would have stolen a loot with the help of four accomplices, who were determined to get their hands on it. Reggie who knows nothing of the past will have to conduct the investigation, with the help of Peter, to solve this puzzle. But she soon discovers that Peter him to conceal his true identity.

BECOMING CARY GRANT, this obscure object of desire

Stanley Donen, director of Singing in the rain, A day in New York, Indiscreet and Funny little face brings together for the first time on the screen two iconic figures of Hollywood : Mr. Cary Grant and Ms. Audrey Hepburn. This was not, however, won, Billy Wilder himself had already tried to bring them together for Love in the afternoon (Ariane in French) in 1957, but it is ultimately Gary Cooper, in one of his last films, who inherited the role in the face of the young Audrey Hepburn Cary Grant claiming to be too old to play the lover of the young woman. Seven years after, he agrees, however, to interpret Peter-Brian-Alexander-Joshua in a comedy jubilant where he is seduced by a widow very stubborn.

Entirely filmed on location in Paris, CHARADE is full of cinematic references, combining the comedy, the film of espionage and romance. Between expelled the crusaders and false pretences, CHARADE is based primarily on the duo of actors. One of the great successes of the film is to have reversed the roles in the game of seduction. Thus, it is Audrey Hepburn who runs after the mysterious and potentially dangerous Cary Grant. The dialogues are heartwarming, Cary Grant never ceasing to dissuade her by pointing to their age difference and Audrey Hepburn showing the grace and impertinence. A film absolutely irresistible and unmissable. Vivement dimanche !

Anne Laure Farges

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CHARADE – see on Arte on the 11/06/17
Original title : Charade

Production : Stanley Donen

Screenplay : Peter Stone

Main actors : Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau

Release Date : 1963 (broadcast by Arte on June 11, 2017)

Duration : 1h54min

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