For a long time with the cinematographic saga, James Bond started in 1962 with Dr. No, one could note the use of a mechanically very accurate. The films followed the same codes, were similar and appeared to be in a certain format, in the manner of a series of non-feuilletonnante. As Colombo, Mission Impossible or Hat melon and boots of leather, are episodes completely interchangeable between them – all the more revealing with the use of generic post introduction. One could compare it to the adaptations in the movie Mission Impossible, precisely, how each film can be watched independently of the others. Although we’re an evolution of the films, more dynamic and explosive, the specifications were complied with.

Since Daniel Craig became the face of the Bond in 2006, a drastic change has happened. It is not so much to adapt a novel or a novel of Ian Fleming (in most cases), but rather develop over several films, an adaptation of the mythological Bond. A series of films feuilletonnant therefore, which allows to make the tour of the saga. With Casino Royale (with the benefit of hindsight, we believe that the best episode of the era Craig), were found to have the beginnings of a Bond. Not yet a double agent zero, James is a bully who prefers to hit and not to think too much. But in addition to the tricks of the trade he learns in this installment, James knows the disillusionment in love, developing strong feelings for Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) that he will lose as soon. Something already seen before in On Her Majesty’s secret service (1969, where Bond attends the death of a loved one) and diamonds are forever (1971, where Bond seeks revenge of his murderer). Two films that were already a certain continuity, almost inadequate with the format of stand-alone movies in the saga at this moment. This continuity was all the interest (if not the only) of the following Casino Royale in 2008, Quantum of Solace, the second film with Daniel Craig. A film quite uneven, but where we see Bond make a final cross on its past and switch a little more towards his darker side, that of a man who abuses alcohol and goes to the conquests of the female. Is the character revealed as James Bond 007 contre Dr. No

This is the end, Skyfall (2012) that most of the mythology of 007 was put in place. If we discover the youth dark Bond, one retains above all the appearance of characters secondary who surround him. Until then absent from the radar of Daniel Craig, the iconic Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) is revealed, as Q (Ben Whishaw), the head of the gadgets of Bond. The most powerful symbol will come from Mr. As in turning the page Judi Dench, who plays the role in GoldenEye (1995) in Skyfall, and returning to a male performance of Q (Ralph Fiennes) – attached to a new desktop with the image of the first film, Sam Mendes is back in the earliest time periods of the saga, the periods pre-Pierce Brosnan.

SPECTRUM comes, therefore, as a conclusion of a story (and an approach) that was launched by Casino Royale. The last element of the mythology to include obviously being the ultimate enemy of Bond, the company’s terrorist secret SPECTRUM. A conclusion that we are delighted, as this album proves to be the action film expected, but also James Bond’s the closest to what we had hoped for.

We find all the elements necessary to make a good James Bond. This, from the intro scene, pre-credits, absolutely remarkable. A sequence (possibly false) virtuoso composed of tracking shots in the camera to the shoulder, then on the crane. Sam Mendes uses the whole space for us to dive into the heart of a feast of the dead in Mexico. The whole, perfectly punctuated by the presence of percussion. A sequence of rather ” quiet “, which switches to a moment in the spectacular action. This dramatically is clearly the basis of this new album, in a style less realistic than the previous films, but perfectly integrated into the film. The programme, melee combat in a helicopter that flies above a crowd, chase in the middle of the mountains between one aircraft and cars, and of course the flight to Aston Martin (car mythical saga) armoured and equipped with the gadgets usual. The action scenes are spectacular, and always with a hint of humor. They eventually became fairly improbable, but just totally assumed, as enjoyable as impressive, and true to the universe.

“007 SPECTRUM, the action film expected, but also James Bond’s the closest to what we hoped.”

Where Skyfall we were disappointed, it was in his way to focus on the past of James Bond and to talk about the saga as by the gentiles, winks, addressed to the fans. SPECTRUM has the intelligence to include all the elements, of taking symbols to be scattered in different films and re-inject into the plot – thus stretching the film to more episodes formatted. We found a worthy heir of Oddjob or a Shark with a human hand that is interpreted by the former professional wrestler Dave Bautista (Guardians of the galaxy). A wardrobe silent but violent and unstoppable. With Franz Oberhausen (althougha priori obvious, we will not reveal what is hidden behind this character), in addition to revealing the dark about the origins of the organization SPECTRUM, the film has a true villain as monstrous as it is fascinating. Although little is present on the screen, the honor goes of course to the interpretation brilliant Christoph Waltz. The only relative disappointment of the film comes finally of the bondgirls. Monica Bellucci is not used that bit of the film and only appears for about ten minutes. Léa Seydoux, for her, with a blank look and a unique expression, struggling to stand up to Daniel Craig (still as good). Despite the pretty outfits, it is far from the mix of sensuality, class and elegance of its predecessors, such as Claudine Auger, Sophie Marceau or Eva Green, all able to return to Bond (and us) to a simple look.

Although a little long (2h30 !), the film as a whole manages to overshadow this slight defect. Until the end of the SPECTRUM we captive. Through its scenario action film ultra-efficient, fast-paced and dazzling, but especially in the face of the more uncertain of the adventures of 007. We feel that the end is near while SPECTRUM iterates through the remaining elements of its mythology. Daniel Craig could stop there, after having honored the heritage of James Bond. Only that will-t-it of the saga after its passage ? Hard to imagine a sequel in the same vein as SPECTRUM strongly resembles the conclusion of a plot developed during the course of four films. The only way would be to turn definitively the page and return to it, with another actor, to the old-format serial, more basic but still nostalgic. All the more possible with the trio, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes, now there is a solid basis for possible future episodes, as was, for example, that created by Bernard Lee (as M), Desmond Llewelyn (Q) and Lois Maxwell (Monneypenny).


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Original title : SPECTRUM

Realization : Sam Mendes

Screenplay : John Logan, co-screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, based on characters created by Ian Fleming

Main actors : Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Léa Seydoux

Country of origin : U. K, U. S. A

Released : 11 November 2015

Duration : 2h30

Distributor : Sony Pictures Releasing France

Synopsis : A cryptic message came straight from her past pushes Bond to investigate a sinister organization. While M faces a political storm for that the secret service can continue to operate, a Bond is a ridge to reveal the terrible truth behind… the Spectrum.


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