[critical] A Better Life

Yann and Nadia, lovers, engaged in a project of restaurant at the edge of a lake. Their entrepreneurial dream is broken quickly. Nadia, compelled to accept a job abroad, entrusted temporarily to his son Yann. She disappears…

Author’s Note


Release Date : January 4, 2012

Directed by Cédric Kahn

Film French, canadian

With Guillaume Canet, Leïla Bekhti, Slimane Khettabi

Duration : 1h50min

Original title : A Better Life

Trailer :

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It can be seen that it is now common to perform dramas of social in-phase with the current. Even In the Turmoil of Christophe Ruggia (in theaters this month), a film that evokes the difficulties encountered by workers whose factory is about to close, A Better Life tells the story of how a young couple lost in routs financial in attempting to realize his dream. Stubbornness, a love complicated and fatherhood forced are at the heart of this film is both touching and poignant.

The financial system destroys the project formed by Nadia and Yann (Leïla Bekhti and Guillaume Canet) to open a restaurant, an ambition was born after the discovery of the ideal place. The stubbornness of Yann will the lost in the intricacies of finance due to debt incurred to refurbish his restaurant. These difficulties are compounded by the departure of Nadia, part in Canada to earn more money and, to the authorship sudden Yann. Could not take his son, Nadia entrust it to Yann, who then finds father in spite of himself.

Reports to the abandonment and the child referred to in this film have moved Guillaume Canet who has immediately accepted to be part of the casting. Some say that he interprets the role to the depths of his filmography. The first choice of Cédric Kahn to see Leïla Bekhti embody Nadia had subsequently been called into question due to a possible lack of credibility in this role of mother. One cannot fail to applaud the final decision, as Laila played perfectly this role.

Without falling into clichés, A Better Life, deals with a current theme, mixing sadness and hope. We can, however, criticize the all-too-many lengths of the film that slow down the pace.

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