The band Fifi returns with Alibi.com a few months after Babysitting 2; same tone, same rhythm, but all of a sudden… fewer surprises !

After Babysitting 2, this time, Philippe Lacheau has decided to carry out alone. The scenario, meanwhile, is still writing with his accomplice usual Julien Arruti. Together, they acknowledge that they have the chance to write what makes them laugh, and to be able to continue the adventure together.

Inspired by the reality of these companies that provide alibis, they wanted to seize the idea. ALIBI.COM offers a few good moments of candid fun with guest performing of the clients to whom the company finds alibis (Kad Merad, Joey Starr , or Norman). Fans of the 1980s will be overwhelmed by the musical references (Jean-Luc Lahaye Partners or Individuals) and film (Star Wars or the films of Jean-Claude Van Damme). However, it is clear from the film mixed reviews and with many regrets.

It is a pity that the alibis presented in the form of skits, just put the setting and are not more numerous. The lack of courage of the clients, particularly with regard to adultery and secret garden, and would have deserved to be a little more scooped. ALIBI.COM is moving too quickly and rather laboriously to the history of Gregory. We even think that the authors have missed a topic comic deeper, where there would have been material to really surprise the viewer. The side “a little lie does less harm than the truth” ALIBI.COM recalls, moreover, The Arnacoeur of the late Pascal Chaumeil. This filiation is completely assumed, since it is the first film in which the boys in the band turned out. But it is far from the hero, gritty and amoral played by Romain Duris, who is transformed by love and not because he realises the extent of his actions. The hero of ALIBI.COM – as for all the roles that Philippe Lacheau is written – is a real nice. His intentions are good because he just wants to help, without judging them, those who call on him. We see him struggle to help one of its customers, Gérard (Didier Bourdon), his father-in-law. The cycle of lies pushes more and more towards a point of no return.

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Found in ALIBI.COM all the ingredients that have made the comic success of the two Babysitting : the situations are crazy, the misunderstandings, the car chases or animals – real vectors of comedy. The writers have streamlined the original script, avoiding the overdose of jokes… But it is a pity that the film sprinkled all themes without really exploit them : the geek, the super-hero, narcolepsy, virginity, marriage, jealousy between friends, the fairground, the migrants…

Has the usual trademark of the band’s very first degree, was added in ALIBI.COM in a fairly moral, almost in sync with the writing trash of the authors. But these latter take the limits that they have data on their approach to the lie. Not wishing to skinning the character of the father, on the verge of cheating on his wife with a singer rather cagole, they preferred to make people laugh on the flaws of the characters.

Finally, it makes a reservation about the casting of the couple fairly unlikely formed by Didier Bourdon and Nathalie Baye. It has agreed to play anything and go very far… sometimes too much, since some of the scenes pretty daring are neither useful nor credible. About Didier Bourdon, he takes the logical consequence of Gérard Jugnot (Babysitting) and Christian clavier (Babysitting 2)…even if the authors refuse to use the term ” recycling “. Despite these regrets, there is no doubt that ALIBI.COM will do well to start its normal public.


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Original title : Alibi.com

Realization : Philippe Lacheau

Scenario :Philippe Lacheau, Julien Arruti, Pierre Dudan

Main actors :Philippe Lacheau, Elodie Fontan, Julien Arruti

Release Date : February 15, 2017

Duration : 1h30min

2.0final grade
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