[CRITICAL] ALL MY strength

For his second film, all my powers, Chad Chenouga was inspired by his own adolescence, and her journey home.

Chad Chenouga, met in Bordeaux, france, was inspired by his own life and that of his fabric, that he has ensured that it does not blind her in her work. He had originally called the film The Niaque (the name of the drama that he created) and won in 2015 with his co-writer Christine Paillard the Grand Prix Sopadin for Best Screenwriter. With ALL MY FORCES, it a movie, really poignant, that tells the story of a beautiful character, courageous, with which the spectator has no difficulty to identify, and with which it vibrates in an emotional lift that is very strong.

Chad Chenouga place the camera on the shoulders of Nassim (great Khaled Alouach, of which this is the first movie role), and plunges the viewer empathetic in the twists and turns of the life of a young high school student, who is placed by the Child welfare in a home after the death of her mother failing. With ALL MY strength “is a film about the difficulty of grieving and the oscillation of feelings : pain, sadness, loneliness, but also guilt, misunderstanding and the anger of Nassim have been abandoned to his fate. The emotions of a young man reminiscent of those experienced by Malony, the character of The Head high d’Emmanuelle Bercot, and by the kids in My life of Zucchini by Claude Barras. As her alter-hero, similar in suffering, He has no other choice than to integrate into a home that has its own codes, with often young offenders, which he feels little close.

Because He has maintained a life outside the home, friends and a lover at high school, that it may not tell the whole truth about his situation. He does not want to be complained about, but the shame that he feels empire shift with the lives of his comrades. Their social circles are so far from his own, their concerns are thousands of miles away from hers and their parents seem to be so attentive, so friendly and so different from her mother.

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The director also wanted to make a tribute to the work of the educators in those homes, and it is rather successful. He was inspired by two guidelines of home for the role of Madame Cousin and offered it to Yolande Moreau, whose interpretation is right, without excess as the good feelings. The director, close to retirement, is described as someone who manages to keep a good distance without getting too involved emotionally, nor be attached to such young people often transition. With a skillful mixture of sweetness and severity, it raises their confidence, support, and sometimes protect themselves and ensure their security. With ALL MY strength also shows very well how the frustration, the difficulties and constraints involved in the work of mourning, raises the hardness and violence among youth in the home, which does not allow to show their worth. It also describes the solidarity, mutual support, laughter and sharing good times that may exist between them.

The characters of the young boys of the home, however, are at the limit of caricature, as if he absolutely had to regain some stereotypes of characters in such group (to the image of the young Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir had been described in Patients). Found the bad boy, the glandeur, the passionate dance, the fun of service. The characters of the daughters of the home, themselves, have been more refined, especially that of Zawady (Iscah Kalvanda already surprising in the Divine), the girl realized in the study of medicine, and whose trajectory will be slowed down by its passage in the home.

Finally, special mention to the actress Zineb Triki (remarkable in The Office of the Legends), who plays the deceased mother of Nassim and who still manages to be, nevertheless, present throughout the film, thanks to the intensity of his eyes in the portrait that goes with him everywhere Nassim.

Defending, however, have wanted to make a film on political dimension, the developer wanted to challenge the viewer as to the ” sense of injustice that may experience these young people, stigmatized with the question of the records which follow of home in home and obsess “. Because if he himself has had the chance to pursue his graduate studies, he regrets that this is no longer the case these days.


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Original title : with all my strength

Achievement : Chad Chenouga

Scenario : Chad Chenouga, Christine Paillard

Main actors : Khaled Alouach, Yolande Moreau, Iscah Kalvanda

Release Date :may 3, 2017

Duration : 1h38min
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